Australia's goatmeat industry

Australia is a relatively small producer of goatmeat but is the world leader in goatmeat exports. The industry has room for growth as it currently remains constrained by several aspects including inconsistent supply and quality. Supply chains need to be developed to better meet the needs potential markets and add value to the industry.

Fast facts


  • Australian goat slaughter in 2012-13 was around 1.99 million head (*).
  • Boer goats and rangeland goats are predominately used for meat production.
  • Cashmere and Angora breeds are used in fibre production.


  • Goatmeat is the most widely consumed meat in the world.
  • China, India and Nigeria are the largest producers and consumers of goatmeat.
  • Australia ranks 32nd in the world for goat herd size and 33rd for goat meat production (FAO 2011).


  • Australia is the world's largest goatmeat exporter.
  • Australia exported 31,876 tonnes swt of goatmeat in 2012-13 (**).
  • Australia's two largest export markets for goatmeat are the US and Taiwan (**).
  • Australian goatmeat exports were worth A$145.8 million FOB in 2012-13 (*).
  • Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are the largest live export markets for Australia (***).
  • Live goat exports were valued at $9.65 million in 2011-12 (**)(***)

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All figures based on MLA/DAFF/ABS/ABARE 2012-13 unless otherwise stated.
* - latest available ABS data - figures for fiscal year 2012-13
** - latest available DAFF data - figures for fiscal year 2012-13
*** - latest available LiveCorp data - figures for fiscal year 2012-13


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