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MLA is involved in a broad range of research and development (R&D) activities on-farm to provide practical information for Australian red meat and livestock producers. 

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This business performance is underpinned by excellent business skills.

Those skills are different from those needed to manage the herd and they are not hard to learn.

If more profit is important to you, then everything you need to know is covered in the BusinessEDGE workshop.

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MLA challenge

The MLA challenge started in July 2013 and the six challengers have all been making changes to improve their businesses. 

In that time they have all made improvements to their bsuiness and are already seeing results.

Read the final blogs of the MLA challenge where the challengers explain some of these changes, the impact on their businesses and what they are planning for the future.

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Why sustainability matters


In this video, Rabobank's Head of Sustainable Business Development Marc Oostdijk and Phil Cohn, RAMP Carbon explain the push-pull factors driving the need to act on climate variability and shifts in livestock production globally.


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