Marcus Sounness

Marcus Sounness
Property: Paper Collar Gully
Location: Amelup WA
Rainfall: 400mm
Property size: 3,000ha
Livestock: 3,000 breeding ewes
Soil type: Sandy gravel over clay and sandy loam
Pasture type: Sub clover and lucerne based

Marcus is the manager of ‘Paper Collar Gully’, a 3000 hectare Merino sheep farm in Amelup, Western Australia. He is a fifth generation, mixed crop (wheat, canola and barley) and sheep (Merino ewes and terminal sires) farmer and currently has 3000 breeding ewes on farm.

After a year in the MLA Challenge, Marcus said they are saving thousands of dollars in feed costs by changing their production system to produce more lambs and turn them off earlier, rather than chasing a high dollar per head market with a costly feeding regime. 

“Our lamb production business has been focused on turning off prime Merino lambs at 50kg,”  

“But as part of the MLA Challenge we started using the cost of production calculator. We ran the figures for every scenario and they were all inefficient. Having this information was crucial in making the decision to change the basis of our operation.”

“Talking to our mentor helped us realise what we’ve always known, that it’s really hard for us to get the last 10kg of weight on those lambs, and it’s very expensive,” 

“We were compromising other aspects of our production business, including using pasture that could be feeding our pregnant ewes during our autumn feed gap,"

“We decided to turn off our lambs as 35-40kg shippers instead of 50kg prime merinos. We calculated we could save as much as $40,000 per year in feed costs for our ewes. We changed our focus to production per hectare rather than chasing a high dollar per head market.”

Marcus said that while the shift in production had been dramatic, the biggest impact on the family business had been his wife, Shannon's, changing role.

“We’ve developed specific roles in our business and Shannon has really come on board with the business decision making,” he said. “It makes it so much easier to have someone else who is on top of the program and knows what needs to happen.”

Shannon said; “At the start of the Challenge I was an outsider looking in to the family business, but now I’m a full partner. Doing the research for changing our production system meant I really stepped up.”

Marcus's MLA challenge mentor was Rob Warburton.

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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus Sounness
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Marcus Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus Sounness
Marcus and Shannon have struggled a bit during quarter 3. They're really beginning to feel the impact of the reduction in their labour force. Their mentor has encouraged them to keep things in perspective as farm performance is not always the best measure of your achievements for the year.

Shannon Souness

Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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Marcus and Shannon Sounness
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