Lamb campaigns

Autumn Roast 2015

Lamb remains the most loved meat by Australians. It is the one dish that people love to share with friends and family, especially when going back indoors during the cooler months. This Autumn we are encouraging people to get together with family and friends to enjoy a lamb roast. The campaign launched with a national TV commercial, roadside outdoor billboards, posters in shopping centres, social media and a 'You never lamb alone' event.



Australia Day 2015

This year on Australia Day, iconic cricket commentator Richie Benaud is asking his mates over so he doesn’t lamb alone. Sam Kekovich, Billie Birmingham and Ita Buttrose as well as Australian historical icons including Captain Cook, will be brought together by lamb at an Australia Day BBQ at Richie’s place. The campaign launched with a teaser during The Cricket Show on 6th January followed by an exclusive TV commercial launch on the Today Show on the 9th January, and all form part of a social, online and event integration.

The campaign includes:

  • A TV commercial
  • A consumer competition housed on Facebook
  • Digital media
  • Print media
  • A point of sale suite for retailers, including posters and pack stickers 

Spring Lamb 2014

This year, the Spring Lamb campaign evolved with a new creative platform "You Never Lamb Alone." The objectives- to create extra demand for lamb during a period of higher production and to build an association between Spring and Lamb.

The campaign includes:

  • A TV commercial
  • Online video
  • Cinema
  • Social
  • Outdoor
  • PR


Lamb Roast 2014

The Lamb Roast campaign is back! Activities will mirror last year’s campaign, promoting lamb roasts that can be cooked quickly and easily by anyone, and making them an ideal meal choice for any day of the week.

The campaign includes:Download the free LambRoast app now!

  • A TV commercial, watch it here 
  • A point of sale suite for retailers, including posters, pack stickers, recipe cards (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Interactive panels, distributing lamb roast recipes, see them here
  • 2 radio ads
  • Bus sides, click here
  • A new App (available on iPhones and Androids) helping consumers cook the perfect lamb roast. LambRoast will provide cooking tips and a timer based on cuts and doneness.




Australia Day 2014Aus-Day-2014.jpg

In 2014, Sam announces that after 10 years of grilling and roasting unAustralianism, he is taking a step back. It is therefore the duty of every Australian adult to show the next generation what it means to be Aussie on Australia Day. We call these little sprogs ‘Generation Lamb’.

You won’t be able to miss him. Sam will be on TV in a 60 sec ad across free-to-air and pay TV networks - watch it here.

The TV ads will be supported by panels in shopping centres nationally plus a series of recipe dispensing billboards in selected shopping centres up the Eastern Seaboard

And don’t forget to BBQ Lamb on Australia Day. You know it makes sense.



Lamb Roast 2013


The traditional Lamb roast is a family meal that is forever synonymous with the ‘nurture gene’ and being a mum. It’s the one meal we all return home for, because it’s just too hard or too time consuming for us to cook ourselves – and Mum makes it look so easy!

Because mini-Lamb roasts are so easy to cook that literally anyone can do it, this also means that:  ‘Now anyone can cook like mum’ with an Easy Lamb Roast.

This new promotion will include:

Australia Day 2013

After being hit on the head by a cricket ball, Sam has been suffering from Lambnesia.Sam-cover.jpg

Lambnesia is a condition that makes you forget your Australian identity, allowing unAustralian thoughts to enter your brain.

In his new TV commercial, Sam makes it his mission to raise awareness of this most unAustralian condition. His solution: The National Lambnesia Test, an online game that tests your knowledge of Australian culture. The game lets you know how unAustralian you really are – and how much lamb you need to eat to be in chop shape on Australia Day.

This new campaign, launching on the 10th of January, is supported by new point of sale material including posters, pack stickers, a mobile, a window decal and a wobbler.

The TV commercial will be airing in metro cities, and this will also be supported by radio, PR, digital and social media activities.

Check out:

Spring Lamb 2012CHOP-Booklet-Cover.jpg

The new Spring Lamb 2012 campaign was out from 1st September, bringing together experts in fashion and cuisine - designer Leona Edmiston and celebrity chef Ben O'Donoghue - to convince consumers that Lamb is the hottest ingredient for the season.

Tapping into the Spring fashion theme, when fashion and spring racing is in the air, the campaign also coincides with the traditional peak in lamb supply.

The 2012 campaign builds on the success of the fashion inspired spring campaigns from previous years, with Leona and Ben's' 'collamboration' producing a fashion-themed recipe magazine - Chop 'til you drop. 2.4 million copies will be distributed through independent retailers and participating supermarkets nationally. It will also be inserted into key publications such as Woman's Day and Australian Women's Weekly.

Alongside this, a new television commercial aired from September 16th which showcases Edmiston and O'Donoghue 'collamborating' together to create their spring recipe collection.

Presence at point of purchase will also feature as part of the campaign, including stickers and posters.

The campaign ran through to mid-October.


Lamb Roast 2012Roast.jpg

A new Lamb promotion launched on the 15th of April to remind everyone that there is something special about lamb roasts… they bring people together and they are an Aussie Sunday tradition.                            

Lamb roasts are too good to be set aside for just Sundays, so why not chuck a Sunday on a Wednesday with a beautiful Lamb roast?

The promotion included:

  • A TV commercial: from the 15th of April in metropolitan and regional areas
  • A new point of sale suite: posters, pack stickerswobblers and a recipe booklet
  • Three online videos
  • A radio partnership with NOVA
  • Digital and PR activities


Australia Day 2012

After eight years battling all things unAustralian, Sam Kekovich returns with his annual Address to the Nation.

Sam Kekovich's address and videoclipAustralia-Day-2012.jpg

In today’s digital age, “good old-fashioned diplambacy” is no longer enough to get Sam’s message to the masses, particularly the “popular culture-obsessed youth”. In his imminent Address to the Nation, Sam will reveal how popular culture has caused “unAustralianism to go viral”: 

Keeping true to his word, Sam will start the ‘chopular culture’ movement by releasing his debut music video in the lead up to Australia Day. Naturally, Sam’s cover song is about a barbie on Australia Day. The obvious choice? A rendition of 90s pop-sensation, Barbie Girl.

Watch the Australia Day Barbie Girl video

Other elements

Other elements of this promotion include new point of sale material, PR, online and social media activities.




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