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MSA_Graded_small.jpgMeat Standards Australia (MSA) is a beef and sheepmeat eating quality program designed to take the guesswork out of buying and cooking Australian red meat. MSA involves all sectors of the supply chain from paddock to plate. A wide range of cattle and sheep management practices, processing systems, cuts, ageing periods and cooking methods have been researched to determine the impact each has on eating quality.

MSA news

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MSA grading

Assuring the eating quality of MSA beef and MSA lamb requires standards to be maintained from paddock to plate. 

Grading of carcases for MSA involves the whole supply chain to ensure consumer expectations are met.

Read about the performance of MSA in 2013-14 in the annual outcomes report.

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Introducing myMSA

A new-look online feedback system has been launched to help cattle producers access MSA grading results and explore ways they can improve their performance. Read more here

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MSA Index now available to MSA producers

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MSA: Excellence in eating quality

Designed for wholesalers, retailers and foodservice, or just want to know more about MSA - any staff member can easily complete the training and become an eating quality connoisseur – a great opportunity for engaging more with your customers. Get started now:



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What is Meat Standards Australia?

Watch how MSA helps you put delicious beef and lamb meals on the table



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