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04 Mar 15 Sheep market alert
Supply increasesNational lamb supply increased 24% week-on-week, to 121,079 head, with all states except SA yarding larger numbers.

04 Mar 15 Cattle market alert
National cattle throughput, at NLRS reported saleyards, was steady week-on-week, at 35,902 head.

04 Mar 15 China’s catering sector registers strong growth in 2014
Despite China’s austerity campaign, growth of the country’s catering sector in 2014 increased for the first time in the past four years.

04 Mar 15 Retail sales surge during Chinese New Year holiday
Chinese New Year (or the Spring Festival) was on 19 February 2015, and traditionally is a time for family reunions.

03 Mar 15 Tuesday daily sheep summary
Lamb supply at Dubbo increased 81% week-on-week, to 23,800 head, and included good runs of heavier trade and heavy weight lambs.

03 Mar 15 Tuesday daily cattle summary
At close of Monday’s market, the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) finished at 432.25¢/kg cwt.

27 Feb 15 Friday daily sheep summary
Lamb supply at Wagga increased 33% week-on-week, at 24,000 head, and quality was very good overall weights and grades.

27 Feb 15 Friday daily cattle summary
Numbers at Dubbo declined 19% week-on-week, with a total of 4250 head penned. Quality was mixed, with a good selection of prime cattle as well as a fair percentage of plainer cattle lacking finish.

26 Feb 15 Thursday daily cattle summary
At close of Wednesday’s market, the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) finished at 434.50¢, back 1.25¢/kg cwt on where it finished the previous day.

26 Feb 15 Thursday daily sheep summary
Lamb consignments at CTLX lifted 65% week-on-week, at 6,850 head, with some good quality trade and heavy weight lambs yarded, along with a reasonable supply of light weight lines.

26 Feb 15 WA weekly sheep summary
WA lamb supply, reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, eased 45% week-on-week, to total 12,870 head.

26 Feb 15 NSW weekly cattle summary
Cattle consignments fell by 27% week-on-week at MLA’s NLRS reported markets, for a total of 22,177 head. Wagga lost 22%, for 4,100 head yarded, as Tamworth slipped 13% and penned 1,636 cattle.

26 Feb 15 NSW weekly sheep summary
Lamb consignments gained 7% week-on-week, for a total of 78,910 head yarded at MLA’s NLRS reported markets. Dubbo lost 37% of its total to yard 13,160 lambs, as Tamworth increased by 6% and offered 3,750 head.

26 Feb 15 QLD weekly cattle summary
The disruption to the slaughter programme in central Queensland due to Cyclone Marcia, the cancellation of the Emerald and Gracemere sales, plus the uncertainty around export buyer attendance at sales early in the week, reduced the supply of stock at physical markets covered by MLA’s NLRS by 41%.

26 Feb 15 2015 Australian goat industry summary
Over the past 20 years the Australian goatmeat industry has continued to grow, largely underpinned by the sale of goats derived from rangeland or extensive production systems.

26 Feb 15 Smaller price declines in US beef market
Imported beef prices were lower again in the US market this week, but not to the extent of the last few weeks. The discount to domestic beef remains at historic highs, suggesting a pickup in foodservice demand could lead to a recovery in imported beef prices.

26 Feb 15 Autumn break looks promising in the west – BOM
The latest three month rainfall outlook issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) points to the potential for a return to average seasonal conditions throughout the March to May period.

26 Feb 15 NZ lamb production ramps up in January
Lamb production in New Zealand (NZ) during January lifted 35% year-on-year, to 52,134 tonnes cwt, with production levels starting to ramp up towards the normal seasonal peak in March.

26 Feb 15 Chilean beef imports eased in 2014
Chilean beef imports in 2014 declined 1.5 % year-on-year, to 147,667 tonnes swt. Frozen beef imports dropped 24%, to 7,448 while fresh/chilled imports remained steady, at 140,206 tonnes swt.

26 Feb 15 Vic weekly sheep summary
Overall lamb supply, reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, were 3% lower week-on-week, with a total of 49,297 head penned. Declines in consignments were recorded at most markets.


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