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20 Aug 14 Sheep market alert
National lamb supply, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, fell 8% to 83,128 head.

20 Aug 14 Cattle market alert
Total national cattle throughput so far this week was back 31% compared to last week, at 23,899 head, with the majority of states penning fewer numbers as reasonable falls of rain were registered in supply areas.

20 Aug 14 Tight US cow supply illustrates potential for Australia
The significantly improved US cattle market provides some indication as to the potential for cattle price increases, particularly females, once female slaughter rates ease and herd rebuilding demand reignites across the large cattle producing regions.

20 Aug 14 NZ sheepmeat exports wind down in July
As the New Zealand (NZ) lamb industry approaches the slowest period for lamb exports, typically in August, shipments in July totalled 20,884 tonnes swt – back 7% on the corresponding month last year, yet 7% higher than the five-year average (Beef + Lamb New Zealand).

20 Aug 14 China delays the entry of Brazilian beef
After lifting the ban on Brazilian beef in mid-July, the Chinese government has recently postponed the entry of Brazilian beef into the market. The decision is due to China’s request on negotiating a new sanitary protocol, which will delay Brazilian beef imports for an unknown period (Folha de São Paulo Journal).

20 Aug 14 US presence strengthened in the Korean market
Korean beef imports during July, on a customs cleared basis, were up 38% year-on-year at 28,589 tonnes swt, with chilled and frozen beef totalling 4,092 tonnes swt (up 37%) and 24,497 tonnes swt (up 39%) respectively (Korea Customs and Trade Development Institution, GTA).

20 Aug 14 Chilean beef demand remains strong
According to ODEPA (Agriculture Department – Chile), Chilean beef imports during the first half of 2014 increased 3.5% year-on-year, to 68,776 tonnes swt, despite the rise in domestic production and decline in exports.

20 Aug 14 Imported beef prices bullish in Japan
Wholesale prices of frozen imported beef in Japan continued to lift this week, underpinned by tight supplies from both Australia and the US.

20 Aug 14 Strong demand for NZ beef in the US
New Zealand (NZ) beef exports reached 29,044 tonnes swt in July, an increase of 4% on the corresponding month last year and up 1% on the five-year average (Beef + Lamb New Zealand).

19 Aug 14 Tuesday daily sheep summary
Lamb consignments at Dubbo increased 15% week-on-week, to 26,000 head, with a fair supply of new season lambs, as well as Merino and trade weight old lambs.

19 Aug 14 Tuesday daily cattle summary
With light rain across the supply region, yardings at Toowoomba Elders were down 64% week-on-week on 271 head.

18 Aug 14 Cattle prices lift BPIPI in June quarter
The northern and southern Beef Producer Input Price Indices (BPIPI) increased 5% and 4% year-on-year during the June quarter, respectively, underpinned by a rise in the capital cost of the beef cattle herd.

15 Aug 14 Friday daily sheep summary
Numbers lifted at Wagga, to total 38,000 head, due to increased supplies of young lambs and plainer quality older lambs.

15 Aug 14 Friday daily cattle summary
Numbers at Roma Prime increased 6% week-on-week, to 748 head, with strong export processor buyer competition and prices improving across most categories.

14 Aug 14 Thursday daily sheep summary
Numbers again slipped at CTLX to total 4,742 head. Trade weight 3 score lambs to slaughter were 53¢ cheaper on 420¢, while heavy weight 4 score lambs to slaughter decreased 52¢ to average 443¢/kg cwt.

14 Aug 14 Brazilian steer prices ease, as exports surge in July
Brazilian steer prices (Sao Paulo state) eased in July, down 2.2% on the previous month, averaging R3.97 kg/lwt – approximately US$1.78 kg/lwt (Cepea/Esalq). However, prices in Real term remained 16% above the corresponding period in 2013. Beef exports for the same period rose 12%, to 117,607 tonnes swt, driven by higher volumes shipped to Russia and Venezuela, with the average export price at U$4.86/kg – the highest since April 2012.

14 Aug 14 Global “Hilton Quota” usage higher in 2013-14
According to the EU Commission, global usage of the “Hilton Quota” increased 3% in 2013-14, to 42,892 tonnes swt, out of a total 67,250 tonnes swt. The “Hilton Quota” is a country specific beef quota, with access allocated to Argentina, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Brazil, US/Canada and Paraguay.

14 Aug 14 SA weekly cattle summary
Total SA cattle supply, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, lifted 29% week-on-week, to 2,545 head, as all markets registered larger numbers. Mount Gambier gained 22%, for 859 head penned, while throughput at Naracoorte was 14% higher, at 1,136 head.

14 Aug 14 Tasmania market summary
There was a smaller yarding of trade and export cattle at Powranna and Killafaddy this week, with over 50% being cows.

14 Aug 14 Vic weekly sheep summary
Victorian sheep supply, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, increased 14% week-on-week, to total 17,004 head.


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