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17 Apr 14 Thursday daily livestock summary
Consignments at Dalby were back 42% leading into the Easter long weekend, with a full panel of buyers operating strongly to secure suitable lines. Medium weight yearling steers to feed sold from 175¢ to 198¢, while heavy weights ranged from 177¢ to 196¢/kg.

17 Apr 14 Widespread rainfall in the east
The majority of the eastern states recorded significant rainfall this week, with large areas of SA, Victoria and NSW recording up to 100mm.

17 Apr 14 US burger segment growth varies between chain styles
One of the largest segments in the US foodservice industry, limited service burgers, appears to be reaching maturity, according to a recent report by Technomic. This is important to Australia’s cattle industry, with a large proportion of beef exports to the US destined for this style of consumption.

17 Apr 14 WA market wrap
With a shorter trading week due to the Easter break, total WA cattle yardings, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service slipped 59% due to the Great Southern sale not operating.

17 Apr 14 NSW weekly cattle summary
The shorter selling week due to the Easter break produced a smaller offering of cattle, with consignments slipping back 33% week-on-week at MLA’s NLRS reported markets.

17 Apr 14 NSW weekly sheep summary
With the latter weekly markets cancelled due to the Easter break, lamb consignments slipped 34% week-on-week at MLA’s NLRS reported markets.

17 Apr 14 Heavy steers surpass 200¢ - not seen since November 2011
The recent surge in cattle prices has been welcome news for producers, especially after the prolonged drought period for many regions. The reduced offerings, coupled with continued strong processor interest have been the main drivers behind the recent upward trend in prices.

17 Apr 14 Markets sustain autumn gains into Easter hiatus
Cattle, lamb and mutton markets enter the 2014 Easter and ANZAC day hiatus at some of the highest prices seen for a long time, the result of well received rain through the southern states throughout autumn, combined with late March falls through Queensland.

17 Apr 14 Qld weekly cattle summary
With no sales for two weeks numbers at the Monday markets increased, however by mid-week the approaching public holidays reduced supply at Dalby by 42% and the Roma prime sale was cancelled resulting in overall supply at physical markets covered by MLA’s NLRS falling by 24%.

17 Apr 14 Throughput for April varies due to rainfall
Cattle throughput over the past few months has been rather volatile in reaction to rainfall in parts of NSW and Queensland. Usually, supply retracts following rain, however this hasn’t been the case in recent weeks, due to producers looking to turnoff well finished lines and capture the improved prices

17 Apr 14 US imported beef market steps back
After a record run in previous weeks, the US imported beef market took a step back this week, with reportedly limited end user interest – a combination of the recent decline in domestic prices and the continued sluggish demand at foodservice. Australian 90CL beef to the US this week averaged 456.9¢/kg FAS.

17 Apr 14 Survey results suggest tighter supply in winter
Results from the most recent MLA and AWI wool and sheepmeat survey, conducted in February 2014, highlight the impact of the extremely dry summer on the Australian sheep flock and production for the year to come. According to the results, 48% of respondents experienced ‘drought’ or ‘below average’ seasonal conditions during summer and 40% reported that the season was ‘worse’ than the same period last year.

17 Apr 14 Who are the future consumers?
About 91% of the world’s consumption today takes place in regions where the only major growth age segment is 40 years old and over. According to Global Demographics, the 40 years old and above age segment in North America, Western Europe, affluent Asia already exceeds half of the total population and makes up two thirds of household decision makers. Consumers in this age segment in emerging markets of China, South America and Eastern Europe are close to half of the population and are expected to match the proportions in the affluent world by 2024.

16 Apr 14 Sheep market alert
Eastern states lamb supply has so far remained firm week-on-week, at 111,939 head. Victoria and SA yardings were unchanged, while supply in NSW lifted 5%, to 45,660 head. Over in the west, Muchea’s throughput was 16% lower, at 8,000 head.

16 Apr 14 Tasmania market summary
There was a smaller supply of trade and export cattle with 60% of the yarding made up of cows.

16 Apr 14 Cattle market alert
National cattle supply so far this week increased 6% compared to the same time last week, totalling 34,725 head, with the lead up to the Easter public holidays.

16 Apr 14 SA weekly cattle summary
SA cattle yardings, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, almost halved this week to total 2,193 head, due to no sale at Mount Gambier.

16 Apr 14 SA weekly sheep summary
SA lamb supply, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, eased 8% week-on-week, to 19,253 head, mainly due to no sale at Mount Gambier.

16 Apr 14 Second successive slow start for US corn planting
The US corn planting season has begun, but a very cold winter means that soil temperatures are still too low across much of the country, delaying planting in the Corn Belt.

16 Apr 14 Mexico beef trade slows in January
The beef trade, both exports and imports, was lower during January than the previous year.


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