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27 Apr 15 Discussion piece: US cattle herd busy rebuilding
While US cattle and beef prices have been very high over the last two years, this has prompted widespread breeding stock retention. This will see an increase in US beef production over the next few years, and with the US being Australia's largest beef export market, the Australian industry needs to consider the implications of a slowdown in demand for imported beef.

27 Apr 15 Adult cattle slaughter continues at thumping pace
Given the relentless drought conditions for many producers further than a few hundred kilometres from the coast, it’s little surprise that for the first 17 weeks of 2015, eastern states adult cattle slaughter was 2.61 million head, up 5%, or 125,000 head, year-on-year.

24 Apr 15 Friday daily sheep summary
Lamb consignments at Wagga fell 31% week-on-week, to 25,000 head, following substantial rain across the supply region.

24 Apr 15 Friday daily cattle summary
At the close of Thursday’s markets, the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) finished at 445.00¢, up 3.25¢/kg cwt on where it finished the previous day.

23 Apr 15 Thursday daily sheep summary
Lamb consignments at CTLX were down 53%, to 4,500 head, following rain across the supply region over the past few days.

23 Apr 15 Tasmania market summary
There was a larger yarding of trade and export cattle at Powranna and Killafaddy, with just over 50% being cows. There were more crossbred steers and heifers yarded, with many showing the signs of the dry season.

23 Apr 15 Thursday daily cattle summary
At the close of Wednesday’s markets, the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) finished at 441.75¢, up 2.75¢/kg cwt on where it finished the previous day.

23 Apr 15 WA weekly sheep summary
Widespread rainfall across many southern regions of WA has seen a shift to a more cropping driven approach compared to livestock.

23 Apr 15 NLRS weaner sale summaries
The first of the Ray White rural weaner sales saw 2,580 head consigned. The yarding comprised of mixed breed weaner steers and heifers, as well as a large offering of yearling heifers that were both PTIC and not in calf.

23 Apr 15 SA weekly cattle summary
Across the state, numbers slipped 24%, to total 3,040 head, and quality fell away. Mount Gambier’s yarding almost halved week-on-week, to just 555 head, while supply at Mount Compass and Naracoorte eased to 950 head and 1,157 head, respectively.

23 Apr 15 NZ beef production tipped to rise in 2014-15
New Zealand (NZ) cattle slaughter is forecast to increase 1.3% for the 2014-15 season (October to September), to 2.36 million head, compared to the previous year, according to Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Mid-Season Update.

23 Apr 15 US imported beef market drifting lower
Beef prices in the US import market were mostly lower this week, in part due to cheaper competing proteins, as well as an outlook for cheaper cattle in coming months.

23 Apr 15 Yakiniku demand sizzles for Golden Week in Japan
The Japanese wholesale trade reported firm demand for imported offal products prior to the country’s Golden Week holiday season, underpinned by ongoing popularity of yakiniku.

23 Apr 15 SA weekly sheep summary
Lamb supply in SA decreased 20% week-on-week, to 14,823 head.

23 Apr 15 Paraguayan beef exports up 24% in the first quarter
Paraguayan beef exports continued to register strong growth during the first quarter of the year, with shipments totalling 66,833 tonnes swt, up 24.5% year-on-year and a new record (GTA/Central Bank).

23 Apr 15 Winter break imminent – BOM
According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) latest three month rainfall outlook, May to July is set to be wetter than normal for the vast majority of mainland Australia.

23 Apr 15 Mutton indicator hits 400¢
Widespread rain across the eastern states over the past week saw lamb supply contract 32% week-on-week, to 130,923 head, as reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

23 Apr 15 Value of beef imports into Taiwan on the rise
Following a 6% year-on-year increase in overall beef imports in 2014, Taiwan’s beef imports during the first two months of 2015 declined 6%, to 13,411 tonnes swt.

23 Apr 15 Australian sheep industry projections – April update
According to MLA’s April sheep industry projections, after a drier than expected first quarter, Australian lamb slaughter for 2015 has been revised higher, to 21.4 million head – which is still 850,000 head lower than the 2014 total.

23 Apr 15 QLD weekly cattle summary
Light to moderate falls of rain in parts of the supply area reduced overall supply by 25% week-on-week, following the large yardings the previous week.


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