MLA Australian sheep industry projections 2014 mid-year update

MLA's Australian sheep industry projections mid-year update provides a comprehensive outlook on the sheep industry including forecasts for the national flock, sheep and lamb supply and exports over a five year horizon.

Published in August 2014, the projections include forecasts for:

  • At June 2014, the Australian sheep flock was estimated at 72.2 million head – a 2.7% decline from the preceding 12 months, but it is expected the flock will again increase towards 75 million head from 2015
  • Australian lamb exports are forecast to set a new calendar year record in 2014, reaching 218,000 tonnes swt – up 2% on the previous record set in 2013
  • Demand from the US, China and the Middle East remains strong, making up 66% of total exports
  • Mutton shipments overall are forecast to decline 7% in 2014, to 160,000 tonnes swt
  • Australian live sheep exports were forecast to reach 2.3 million head in 2014, up 16.6%

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