Korea is an important market to the Australian red meat industry.

Australian red meat (beef and veal, sheepmeat, goat meat and offal) exports to Korea during 2013 hit an all-time high, at 187,261 tonnes swt.

High cattle slaughter during 2014 resulted in annual beef shipments 5% on the previous year, to 150,918 tonnes swt. Frozen grassfed beef accounted for around two thirds of the total volume, at 100,912 tonnes swt, while chilled grainfed beef rose 17%, to 20,166 tonnes swt, and frozen grainfed volumes increased 12%, to 15,474 tonnes swt..

Australian sheepmeat exports to Korea have increased steadily for the past five years, with the 2014 volume at 6,114 tonnes swt. This volume was made up of 4,837 tonnes swt of lamb and 1,277 tonnes swt of mutton.

Korea also took the largest quantity of Australian offal during 2014 (at 28,476 tonnes swt), contributing to a very important, but often under-appreciated, sector of the livestock industry.

Research Paper: Korean domestic cattle and beef updates and outlook - September 2014

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