Managing flood-affected soils and pastures

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Date of this event: 16 April 2012

BetterBeef Network Phone Seminars

The BetterBeef Network’s phone seminars are held in collaboration with MLA’s More Beef from Pastures program. The seminars are an excellent way for you to tap into the latest industry information from the comfort of your own home.

Guest presenter

John Gallienne of John Gallienne & Co Pty Ltd, Warragul, Victoria.

John’s agricultural consultancy specialises on the important soil-plant-animal issues and related agricultural production planning.


The seminar will cover wet soil and pasture management issues in North East Victoria as a result of the recent floods. John will talk about reducing the impact of stock on soils and pastures and draw on experiences from last year’s Gippsland flood events. There will also be an opportunity during the presentation for John to answer your questions.

What will the presentation cover?

  • Managing wet soils and planning for the future
  • Repairing pastures with different degrees of damage
  • Grazing management strategies
  • Implications for fodder conservation

Time and Date

8pm to 9pm on Monday, 16 April 2012


Free unless you call in from a mobile or payphone


To participate you must register prior to the seminar. Please call Ashley Paech at DPI on (02) 6030 4566.

Phone seminar

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