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Benefits of Mixed Grazing with Goats

The Australian goat industry is relatively small and much opportunity exists to enhance and grow the industry. One of the biggest challenges the industry faces is providing regular supplies of appropriate quality meat, at a competitive price. If the supply of product was more reliable there is good scope to expand markets for goats and goatmeat, both domestically and for export.

Key opportunities for the industry are:

• Building sustainable supply from the rangelands, with goats being recognised and managed as a resource – rather than just as an opportunistic harvest or a pest animal to be controlled.

• Increasing high-value goat production from agricultural areas – with goats being integrated into mixed farming systems.

• Building sustainable supply into markets so those supply chains can develop with confidence.

• Increasing the number and capacity of Australian goat producers.

Project Objectives

MLA is seeking research proposals that will enable the development of a "management package" for the successful integration of goats into sheep and/or cattle enterprises in both pastoral/rangeland zones and higher rainfall areas.

The management package will focus on the benefits of "co-grazing" and will feature feed utilisation, weed and pasture management, environmental benefits and the mutual benefits to sheep, cattle and goat production.

Supporting economic analysis demonstrating the benefits of diversifying into goats, such as financial or production risk management is also required. This analysis should be undertaken in association with real life diversification scenarios for higher rainfall and pastoral/rangeland mixed enterprise producers and include the multiple benefits cited above. The goal of documenting these scenarios is to assist new entrants to the industry with the provision of detailed, instructional ‘how we did this’ stories with supporting financial data.

Terms of Reference - Terms-of-reference-Benefits-of-Diversifying-into-Goats.pdf

Applications close 5.00pm on Friday, 26th September 2014.

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