Current tenders

MLA is seeking applications from individuals, organisations or project teams with the expertise required to undertake one or more of the following projects:

Provision of Pilot Evaluation and Certification Services for the Livestock Global Assurance Program Pilot

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and LiveCorp, through the Livestock Export Program (LEP), has initiated a research project to design, develop and pilot a global assurance program that fosters world's best practice in the welfare and management of animals.
This program is being referred to as the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP or the Program) and is applicable in Australia's live export markets.
The development of the Program is approaching the pilot phase through which all aspects of the Program will be trialled in export markets.
Certification Bodies who can meet the requirements in these Terms of Reference are invited to apply to participate in the pilot.

ESCAS Auditor Training

To be eligible, in-market auditors must have attended the current ESCAS Auditor Training that is being held May-June in Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The schedule is included with the Terms of Reference.

ESCAS Auditor Awareness Training Project Overview

EOI process and timeframe (AEST):

  • Certification Bodies to indicate interest: 5pm, 29 May 2015
  • All questions submitted to LGAP Project Manager: 5pm, 29 May 2015
  • Certification Bodies teleconference briefing (2 hours): 3pm, 1 June 2015
  • Answers to first series of questions provided to Certification Bodies : 3 June 2015
  • All further questions submitted to LGAP Project Manager: 8 June 2015
  • Answers to first series of questions provided to Certification Bodies : 10 June 2015
  • Applications to be received: 5pm, 23 June 2015

Improving Livestock Traceability

Traceability and control are key components of ESCAS.  They play a crucial role in enabling exporters and importers to monitor and manage the movement of livestock so as to ensure they remain within ESCAS approved supply chains / facilities.  ESCAS requires individual identification of cattle within supply chains, while the system is mob based for sheep and goats.
The livestock export industry is therefore keen to explore the potential options for improved traceability systems and technologies that can inject a greater level of reliance and confidence in livestock traceability and the subsequent demonstration of control this provides.

Terms of Reference - Improving Livestock Traceability

Applications should be received by COB on Tuesday 9 May 2015.

For further information:

Sharon Dundon
Manager - Livestock Export Research and Development
Mobile: +61 (427) 255 335
Sydney: +61 (2) 9463 9385
Armidale: +61 (2) 6773 4517

SAMRC Regional Chairs

The Southern Australian Meat Research Council (SAMRC) is being re-initiated by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and co-investors as part of a national engagement model. Representatives of these bodies will be part of a national red meat research, development and extension (RD& E) panel to set strategic direction for MLA’s RD & E investments. A key part of the new structure will be a network of regional groups based on agri-ecological zones, representing the interests of both sheep meat and beef producers in southern Australia. We are seeking initially to appoint leaders in each of seven regions based loosely around the key centres of Armidale, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Benalla, Melbourne, Hamilton and Naracoorte.

As part of a new meat industry RD&E advisory structure SAMRC will work through a series of regional groups.  The first step is to appoint Regional Chairs from the major red meat producing areas of southern Australia.

Regional Chairs will be selected from individual meat producers who:

Have a detailed knowledge of red meat production in their area.

  • Are willing to take a leadership role in relation to the selling of RD&E priorities.

  • Are prepared to become advocates on RD&E issues.

If you have an interest in RD&E, and leading edge production, have strong written and verbal communication skills, and want to contribute to the future of the industry these positions may interest you.

It is anticipated that the time commitment will be up to eight days per year and an honorarium and expenses will be paid.

To find out more about these positions please go to or contact Mike Stephens at Meridian Agriculture on 03 5341 6100.

ToR - SAMRC Chair and Regional Chairs
SAMRC Regional Chairs - Multiple Positions
Information Paper - MLA Consultation Model

Integrated Integrity Systems Communications Strategy


Producer adoption of and participation in integrity systems is fundamental to the day-to-day running of their business. Compliance with these systems is also critical to maintaining the red meat industry’s reputation as a provider of clean, safe food and ensuring a quick response to a food safety or animal health incident.

In assessing the future requirements of Australia’s through-chain systems to support domestic and overseas market access for red meat products into the future, it has been identified that a more coordinated approach to communications is required for the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program, National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and National Vendor Declaration (NVD).

MLA seeks proposals from suitably qualified consultants to develop and implement an integrated communications strategy for the following industry integrity programs:

  • National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)
  • Livestock Production Assurance (LPA)
  • National Vendor Declaration (NVD)

Further information, including the proposal requirements, is outlined in the terms of reference

Proposals should be received by COB on Friday 29 May 2015

For further information:

Claire Austin
Project Officer – Integrated Industry Systems

Western Australia Meat Research Council (WAMRC)


The Meat & Livestock Industry Co-ordinator (WA), WAMRC is a pivotal and influential leadership role working with a wide cross section of producer groups, research, development and extension (RD&A) agencies and industry representatives from Western Australia’s sheepmeat and southern (temperate) beef industries. The role of Meat & Livestock Industry Co-ordinator (WA) is a newly-formed position combining both governance responsibilities of an Executive Officer and advocacy and leadership function for WAMRC.

Selection Criteria

Applicants should provide an expression of interest addressing the following selection criteria, and outlining their skills and experience to deliver the accountabilities of the role. The selection criterion includes:

  • A thorough understanding of red meat industry structures, strategic plans, the role of MLA and agricultural research, development and/or extension, and sheepmeat and beef production, industry issues in their area.
  • Experience in managing regional industry relationships within the context of the sheepmeat and/or beef and industries.
  • Demonstrated experience in the engagement with - and communication of - program and project outcomes to regional and local groups.
  • Understanding and confidence in meeting protocols, governance, media liaison, public speaking and application of RD&E to red meat industry development.
  • An understanding of the design and development of red meat industry programs.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines, budgets, provide milestone and final reports.
  • Evidence in dealing with RD&E and/or industry organisations and associated networks.

Applicants are also required to a detailed break-down of daily rate plus expenses required to deliver the outcomes outlined for the Western Australia red meat and livestock industry.

Terms of reference - Meat & Livestock Industry Co-ordinator - Western Australia

Further information:

Matt McDonagh
General Manager On-farm Innovation
Phone: 0409 104 433

Expression of interest:
Submit electronically to Matt McDonagh by Friday 29 May.
Applications should not exceed 4 pages.

Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC)


The Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC) is a unique combination of leading beef and sheepmeat industry representatives and major funders of red meat and livestock RD&E including Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), State Departments of Agriculture, Universities and CSIRO. To support the SAMRC operations, a secretariat is required. This terms of reference provides an outline of SAMRC, the role of the secretariat and process for interested parties to submit an expression of interest to provide secretariat services to SAMRC.

Submission of expressions of interest:
Expressions of interest (EOI) should be submitted to MLA addressing:

  • Selection criteria and experience
  • Estimated time allocation for services
  • Budget and daily rate for services

Terms of reference - SAMRC Secretariat

Further information:

Matt McDonagh
General Manager On-farm Innovation
Phone: 0409 104 433

Expression of interest:
Submit electronically to Matt McDonagh by Monday 25 May.
Applications should not exceed 4 pages.

A National Producer Survey of Sheep and Cattle Husbandry Practices

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is seeking expressions of interest from individuals or groups to conduct a survey to assess the uptake of animal husbandry practices on-farm and to analyse the changes in practices since the last survey (2009/2010).


For industry to measure its performance in improving animal welfare, an accurate snapshot of husbandry practices across Australian sheep and cattle farms is required. A survey was conducted during 2009/10 to measure the use by sheep and cattle producers of various animal husbandry practices. Since then the cattle and sheep husbandry guides, the revised ‘fit to load’ guide and ‘A national guide to describing and managing beef cattle in low body condition’ have been released.  A survey conducted in 2014/15 will assess where practices have changed or improved.

Project Objectives and Scope

To complete a telephone survey of sheep/lamb and cattle producers across Australia that identifies on a regional basis:
Information on current animal husbandry practices

  1. Changes in animal husbandry practices since the last survey in 2009/2010
  2. To compare the results from the two surveys to identify changes on-farm and their potential drivers.

Terms of Reference – Producer survey of sheep and cattle husbandry practices

Further Information:

If you have questions regarding this project contact:

Marine Empson
Innovation and Adoption Project Manager – Animal Health, Welfare and Biosecurity
On Farm Innovation and Adoption
Phone: 07 3620 5233


Jim Rothwell
Program Manager – Animal Health, Welfare and Biosecurity
On Farm Innovation and Adoption
Phone: 02 9463 9230

Project Proposal Submissions
Proposals should be lodged electronically to 
Proposals must be received by close of business Friday 22nd May 2015

Licensing Opportunity: Psyllid-Resistant Leucaena variety

The University of Queensland (UQ) and Meat & Livestock Australia(MLA) have developed a new psyllid-resistant Leucaena variety and executed one commercialisation licence.  UQ and MLA currently have one other commercialisation licence available and are seeking interest from potential licensees.

Leucaena is a tree legume that produces very high quality forage for cattle.  Our new high quality variety has excellent psyllid resistance, high forage yield and good branching structure for grazing.  This new variety will overcome the significant impacts of psyllids currently experienced by existing Leucaena varieties, and permit high productivity leucaena-based pastures in higher rainfall regions.  The new variety is currently undergoing DUS trials for PBR registration.

Potential partners will need to be able to demonstrate suitable seed production, marketing and distribution capacity in Australia, with an interest in developing Northern Australian pasture systems.

Expression of interest documentation:


For further information contact:
For more information and a technical package please contact:

Amanda McAlpine
Meat & Livestock Australia
Phone: 02 9463 9228
Mobile: 0404 025963

An Expression of Interest:
Initial Expressions for licensing interest are due by 14 May 2015, after which benefits and appropriate fit can be explored further with the UQ and MLA.  Full EIO submissions are due by 14 June 2015.

Numnuts Low Pain Marking

4cDesign (4c), Moredun Research Institute, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have partnered to develop a novel livestock pain free castration and tail docking tool. The first two R&D stages of the project are nearing completion. 4c and MLA are seeking commercial partners to further develop and commercialise their Numnuts technology.

The selection criteria to be used to assess the EOIs are:

1. A demonstrated track record in commercialising agricultural animal tools or products and with the capability, commitment and resources to commercialise the new Numnuts tool throughout Australia
The ideal licensees will have intent and resources to further develop and commercialise Numnuts, including manufacturing, tooling and strong distribution channels in Australia (and overseas).

2. Capability to seek strong adoption in Australia
The ideal licensees will promote, market and provide support to a new animal husbandry product.

3. The ability and willingness to invest further resources to complete the development in Numnuts tool
The ideal licensees will provide information on their potential ability to provide resources

4. Track record of delivering quality products in Australia and overseas.

Expression of interest:


For further information contact:
If you would like further specific information on the new Numnuts tool please contact either Robin Smith, 4cDesign or Amanda McAlpine, MLA:

Robin Smith (UK based)
4c Design Ltd.
Phone: +44 (0) 141 353 5490
Mobile: +44 (0) 7932 083038

Amanda McAlpine (Sydney based)
Meat & Livestock Australia
Phone: (02) 9463 9228
Mobile : 0404 025963
Email :

An Expression of Interest:
Expressions of Interest are now invited from interested potential partners and licensees.

Estimated EOI process and timeline:
    22 April 2015: An Initial EOI interest registered with MLA
    22 May 2015: Full EOI received for Numnuts addressing the Selection Criteria
    29 May 2015: Successful licensees notified and negotiation of documentation



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