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MLA is seeking applications from individuals, organisations or project teams with the expertise required to undertake one or more of the following projects:

Licensing Opportunity: Psyllid-Resistant Leucaena variety

The University of Queensland (UQ) and Meat & Livestock Australia(MLA) have developed a new psyllid-resistant Leucaena variety and executed one commercialisation licence.  UQ and MLA currently have one other commercialisation licence available and are seeking interest from potential licensees.

Leucaena is a tree legume that produces very high quality forage for cattle.  Our new high quality variety has excellent psyllid resistance, high forage yield and good branching structure for grazing.  This new variety will overcome the significant impacts of psyllids currently experienced by existing Leucaena varieties, and permit high productivity leucaena-based pastures in higher rainfall regions.  The new variety is currently undergoing DUS trials for PBR registration.

Potential partners will need to be able to demonstrate suitable seed production, marketing and distribution capacity in Australia, with an interest in developing Northern Australian pasture systems.

Expression of interest documentation:



For further information contact:

For more information and a technical package please contact:

Amanda McAlpine

Meat & Livestock Australia

Phone: 02 9463 9228

Mobile: 0404 025963


An Expression of Interest:

Initial Expressions for licensing interest are due by 14 May 2015, after which benefits and appropriate fit can be explored further with the UQ and MLA.  Full EIO submissions are due by 14 June 2015.


Numnuts Low Pain Marking

4cDesign (4c), Moredun Research Institute, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have partnered to develop a novel livestock pain free castration and tail docking tool. The first two R&D stages of the project are nearing completion. 4c and MLA are seeking commercial partners to further develop and commercialise their Numnuts technology.

The selection criteria to be used to assess the EOIs are:

1. A demonstrated track record in commercialising agricultural animal tools or products and with the capability, commitment and resources to commercialise the new Numnuts tool throughout Australia

The ideal licensees will have intent and resources to further develop and commercialise Numnuts, including manufacturing, tooling and strong distribution channels in Australia (and overseas).

2. Capability to seek strong adoption in Australia

The ideal licensees will promote, market and provide support to a new animal husbandry product.

3. The ability and willingness to invest further resources to complete the development in Numnuts tool

The ideal licensees will provide information on their potential ability to provide resources

4. Track record of delivering quality products in Australia and overseas.

Expression of interest Numnuts-EOI-Guidelines-10-April-2015.pdf

For further information contact:

If you would like further specific information on the new Numnuts tool please contact either Robin Smith, 4cDesign or Amanda McAlpine, MLA:

Robin Smith (UK based)

4c Design Ltd.

Phone: +44 (0) 141 353 5490

Mobile: +44 (0) 7932 083038


Amanda McAlpine (Sydney based)

Meat & Livestock Australia

Phone: (02) 9463 9228

Mobile : 0404 025963

Email :

An Expression of Interest:

Expressions of Interest are now invited from interested potential partners and licensees.

Expressions of Interest are now invited from interested potential partners and licensees.

Estimated EOI process and timeline:

22 April 2015: An Initial EOI interest registered with MLA

22 May 2015: Full EOI received for Numnuts addressing the Selection Criteria

29 May 2015: Successful licensees notified and negotiation of documentation


Beef Genetics Extension Network – Phase One: National Coordinator

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is seeking expressions of interest for a coordinator of the first phase of a national genetics extension network. This position will define the value of such a network for levy payers and recommend how such a network could best operate.

Adoption of genetics and genomics technologies in the beef industry remains relatively low despite long term investment by MLA and other industry partners in genetics extension.

Many parties are involved in beef genetics extension and associated services nationally. These groups include MLA, Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS), Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS), Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), breed societies, MLA More Beef from Pastures deliverers, FutureBeef, livestock consultants, scientists, seedstock breeders and other industry service providers including veterinarians, ultrasound scanners and livestock agents. There are some efforts already to coordinate producer engagement between stakeholders in genetics extension (primarily facilitated through SBTS and TBTS). A national consultation process in 2014 developed a draft adoption strategy. One of the major recommendations in this strategy is the need for much greater coordination, consistency of messaging and common understanding of beef genetics extension nationally.

A coordinator is sought for the first phase of investment in a beef extension network, with the primary tasks being:

  •  Defining the value of such a network for industry
  •  Creating a database and network of individuals and organisations either involved in genetics extension and/or influencing genetic purchasing decisions
  •  Analysing current activities for any significant gaps in beef genetics extension.

Terms of Reference

Beef Genetics Extension Network – Phase One: National Coordinator

Further information

For further information on the project, please contact:

Charlotte Fox

R&D Extension Manager – Beef

On Farm Innovation and Adoption

0416 189 775 

Project Proposal Submissions:

Proposals should be submitted electronically by COB 24 April 2015 to Charlotte Fox



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