MLA supports the bridge from education to agricultural research through its postgraduate program, postdoctoral program and various scholarships. Hundreds of students have been supported through MLA and its predecessor organisations since 1975.

On-farm postgraduate scholarship and study award application 2016

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) is a producer-owned company that provides world class services and solutions to the entire red meat industry.

MLA is making available a number of awards, tenable at both Australian and possibly overseas universities or institutions, for postgraduate study commencing in 2016. The awards facilitate research and training in areas of practical value to the Australian beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat industries. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. Preference will be given to applicants who:

(i) Already have some postgraduate experience in a relevant subject area or industry sector.

(ii) Are interested in studying in areas such as on-farm productivity, sustainability, rangeland management and technology transfer. They include but are not limited to:

• Sustainability of production systems;

• Animal disease and epidemiology;

• Information sciences as they relate to animal production;

• Genetics or genomics of animals, pasture plants or microorganisms;

• Precision livestock management;

• Labour saving technologies;

• Feedbase;

• Animal welfare;

• Animal reproduction;

• Social aspects of technology adoption, extension and innovation.

(iii) Are interested in studying topics linked to current projects or Key Programs

The duration of the award is normally one to three years, depending on the higher qualification at which training is aimed. Students who are eligible are encouraged to apply for both an Australian Postgraduate Award (Commonwealth) and a MLA Studentship. If successful in both applications MLA will top up the Australian Postgraduate Award to the level offered by MLA. In addition a technical assistance grant is also payable.

Applications close COB 18 November 2015 and should be submitted to

Award application form

Award information

For additional information contact:

Jim Rothwell
Health, Welfare and Biosecurity Program Manager
Phone: 02 9463 9230



The MLA scholarship program supports students undertaking postgraduate studies (mostly PhDs) for the three years of their candidature. Students receive a stipend higher than Australian Postgraduate Award stipends, plus support for project costs.

Student projects are varied and cover a wide range of industry-related topics including all areas of interest in MLA's livestock production R&D programs. Many students supported by this scheme are working within these funded research programs, whilst others work on projects independent to MLA programs.

Upon completion of their studies, more than 70% of students supported by this scheme continue to work within the red meat and livestock industry and a significant proportion go on to play important leadership roles in agricultural and livestock industries.

MLA supports a range of other programs including:

Professional Development Program

MLA supports industry initiatives which focus on career planning, attracting and retaining staff and encourages companies to support, develop and retain tertiary educated graduates within their organisations. The program includes a scholarship program, undergraduate program, graduate program and final year projects program.

More information

Phone: 1800 023 100

Science and Innovation Awards for Young People

MLA is a sponsor of this annual event, which supports young people to pursue innovative scientific ideas that will deliver long-term benefits to Australia's rural industries.

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