Investing in red meat's future

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA) strives to be the recognised leader in delivering world-class research, development and marketing outcomes that benefit Australian cattle, sheep and goat producers.

Working in collaboration with the Australian Government and wider red meat industry, MLA's mission is to deliver value to levy payers by investing in initiatives that contribute to producer profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness.

The new regional consultation model gives producers direct input into MLA’s R&D priorities.

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA) is a producer-owned, not-for-profit organisation that delivers research, development and marketing services to Australia's red meat industry.

About Your Levy

Click on the icons below to find out more about how MLA invests in research & development and marketing on behalf of producers. Funding comes from transaction levies paid on livestock sales, the Australian government and voluntary contributions from industry partners.

Grassfed cattle

MLA invested $60m on behalf of grassfed cattle producers in 2014/15.

Grainfed cattle

MLA invested $10.94m on behalf of grainfed cattle producers in 2014/15.


MLA invested $40.9m on behalf of sheepmeat and lamb producers in 2014/15.


MLA invested $0.94m on behalf of goat producers in 2014/15.

Supply chain

MLA is investing $52.8m on behalf of supply chain levy payers and voluntary contributors in 2014/15.

Latest Marketing Campaign

The 2016 "You're Better on Beef" campaign launched in March to inspire and motivate women, the gatekeeper of the family meals repertoire, to serve beef to their families. This year "You're Better on Beef" continues to show that beef is an essential part of a winning diet, with the essential nutrients in beef giving you the energy to take on the day.
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30 May 2016

Report benchmarks Australia’s beef eating quality

In an industry first, the eating quality of Australian beef has been audited and benchmarked to help cattle producers optimise the potential of their cattle and compare their performance with other like-minded producers.


27 May 2016

The foundations of bull success

Vet Nigel McMahon explains how to assess and improve the capacity of your bulls to ensure maximum reproductive efficiency.


27 May 2016

Improving business performance

An upcoming series of workshops will give cattle producers the opportunity to improve the performance of their businesses and address the cost-price squeeze.


27 May 2016

On the road to results

South Australian producer Michael Cobiac shares how he established – and now measures and monitors – the three key drivers in his business to deliver sustainable profit and growth.



22 Jul 2016

The Business EDGE workshops 2016

Queensland, Australia

03 Jun 2016

MSA Meat Science Course Registration

Level 2 527 Gregory Terrace ,Fortitude Valley QLD

19 Oct 2016

BeefUp Forums 2016