Vendor declarations

LPA-DEVICE-A-POS.jpgThe LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) is the main document behind Australia’s meat and livestock food safety reputation.

LPA NVDs are required for any movement of stock – to processors, to saleyards or between properties if they have different Property Identification Codes (PICs).

When an LPA NVD is signed, the producer is sharing information on livestock history and declaring compliance with all LPA requirements.

LPA NVDs have two purposes:

  1. In completing and signing the LPA NVD, the seller provides the buyer with a guarantee relating to the food safety status of the animals they are purchasing
  2. The LPA NVD enables livestock movements to be traced if necessary

Ordering LPA NVDs

All current NVD versions meet LPA rules, however, some processors may require specific information to meet their market requirements.

Producers should use the eDEC system or order a new NVD book to make sure they have access to the most up to date NVD version.

Producers are encouraged to communicate with buyers about any changes in their NVD requirements, and when these take effect.

You can order a new NVD booklet online or call the LPA helpline on 1800 683 111.

There are different LPA NVDs available for cattle, EU cattle, sheep, goats and bobby calves. They come in two formats:

  • Hard copy – NVD/Waybill booklets containing 20 forms (in triplicate) can be ordered online or via the LPA hotline at a cost of $40.
  • Electronic – producers must register online to use e-DECs. The e-DEC is available at a discount of 48% compared to the price of the hard copy NVDs. To obtain e-DECs, producers must purchase electronic tokens online ($20.90 per 20 tokens). One token is equivalent to one NVD.

Emergency NVD/Waybills

LPA-accredited producers can also access emergency forms (once an order has been placed) by calling the LPA helpline. Emergency forms are valid for up to 15 days.

Find out more about emergency NVD/Waybills and eDECs

Feed and fodder declarations (electronic only)

There are five stock feed and fodder vendor declarations which may be received when stockfeed is bought by a livestock producer:

  • Two commodity vendor declarations 
  • Two by-product vendor declarations 
  • One fodder vendor declaration 

Electronic – If you are a producer registered in LPA and use LPA NVDs please register through your LPA user profile. This will enable you to use eDEC NVDs as well as stock feed declarations. If you are a livestock selling agent or other industry stakeholder please complete a new registration.

Find out more about feed and fodder declarations

Sample NVDs

Sample LPA NVD/Waybills as well as tools to help complete the forms and explanatory notes for each of the following species specific LPA NVD/Waybills are available:

More information

LPA hotline: 1800 683 111