About the National Livestock Reporting Service

MLA's Market Information offers the red meat industry the National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS). Through its network of livestock market officers across Australia, the NLRS independently collects market data from the key auction and direct markets, in addition to slaughter statistics and skin prices.

Data collection

Each week, 28 livestock market officers (LMOs) attend 62 physical markets across Australia. Accuracy assurance is achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Accreditation of LMOs - All LMOs are regularly assessed to ensure they maintain their national accreditation as livestock assessors. LMOs are required to meet a consistent standard of accuracy in the assessment of liveweight, carcase weight, dressing percentage, fat scoring and muscle scoring.
  • Market coverage - To ensure that a valid data sample is collected at each sale, LMOs must record at least 70% of the total stock offered for sale.
  • Automation of data collection - Automated data capture devices and a sophisticated database are used to improve the efficiency and optimise the accuracy of the data collected.
  • Auditing of all data and reports - All data and reports are stringently cross-checked in the field and by head office prior to publication.

Guaranteeing the service's accuracy is not only restricted to the preparation of physical market reports - the NLRS's highly qualified market analysts personally collect the data used to compile reports on direct sales, slaughter statistics, and skin prices from reliable industry sources. The only way this can be accurately achieved is by constant contact with industry. Read more about the NLRS data collection process or watch the video below.

How to access NLRS data

NLRS reports are available to download from the MLA website or the MLA Market Information App and can also be received via email.

Reports via email

To have NLRS reports delivered into your inbox, contact MLA's NLRS about a free email subscription atnlrs@mla.com.au 

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