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Australian beef exports to the EU are mainly shipped under two major quotas, the HQB Hilton quota (Australia’s share of this quota is 7,150 tonnes swt/year) which utilisation average from 90% to a 100%, and HQB Grainfed quota (48,200 tonnes swt/year - first come first served import allocation).

The EU remains the highest value market for Australian beef on a per tonne basis, averaging A$12,660/tonne in 2015. Australia’s access to the HQB ‘Hilton Quota’ and grainfed HQB quota ensure that the majority of cuts exported to the EU are high quality and subsequently of high value.

Australian sheepmeat exports to the EU are limited by a 19,186 tonne carcase weight equivalent (cwe) Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ). 


Russia remains one of the major beef importers in the world, only behind the United States (USDA). Imports in 2014 totalled 629,431 tonnes swt (GTA/ Federal Customs Service of Russia) valued at $2.7 billion. Brazil, Paraguay, Belarus and Uruguay were the main suppliers to the Russian market in 2014.

On August, 7, 2014, the Russian government implemented sanctions (for the period of one year) on a wide range of agricultural and food products from the United States, the EU, Canada, Australia and Norway. The ban includes fresh and frozen beef and pork, poultry meat, prepared meats and sausages.

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