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Livestock Data Link (LDL) animal health and disease feedback system

Livestock Data Link (LDL) is an initiative of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) that aims to enhance the exchange and utilisation of carcase performance information by businesses within the red meat industry. LDL enables supply chain participants to analyse carcase performance in terms of compliance to market specifications, with performance outcomes linked to a library of solutions on how to address non-compliant issues on farm.

The development of an animal health and disease feedback component of Livestock Data Link (LDL) will further enhance the value of this tool, in particularly for sheep and lamb producers.  An animal health and disease 'Solutions to Feedback' framework was developed that included the menu structure, the high level summary and the library content.  Recommendations were provided by the project team on the type of information to be included in the producer reports and the optimum presentation and layout required to support producer useability.  In addition, the comments and feedback from the producer workshop have been collated and recommendations have been provided on the improvements that can be made to the reporting interface and library of solutions for the animal health and disease component.


Title Size Date published
595.7KB 21/12/2015


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Animal health & disease feedback system
12/05/2014 25/06/2015

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