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PDS Demonstrating Recovery of Pasture Productivity, Mulga Lands

For native and buffel pastures in South West Queensland recovery of pasture and land condition after periods of prolonged drought and/or overgrazing is critically important to productivity and stability of livestock grazing businesses. For recovery, managers need to implement changes in their pasture and grazing management to improve legume and 3P (palatable, perennial, productive) grass composition, soil fertility, and water availability. An EDGEnetwork Grazing Land Management workshop for Bollon graziers identified there was a need to demonstrate options for pasture recovery at local sites. 

The Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) group was formed and two key areas of pasture recovery were identified for investigation; 

1. pasture renovation through sown pastures where few if any desirable pasture plants remained and 

2. tactical spelling of existing pasture. 

Four producer demonstration sites were established on three family-owned, commercial properties in the Bollon region of South-West Queensland. At each property both a sown pasture paddock and a tactical spelling paddock were identified. These paddocks were on land types that were common to South West Queensland and were in poor land condition at the commencement of the project. Sown pasture paddocks were prepared and sown in 2008 to a mix of potentially suitable pasture grasses and legumes. Establishment techniques were varied depending on skills and equipment available to each of the collaborating landholders, however best-bet industry information and advice from experts was followed where practical to ensure the best possible success of establishment. Sown pastures were monitored throughout the three-year project at the end of each growing season (March or April each year). Management history and Stocktake land condition monitoring techniques were used to monitor pasture recovery together with yield and individual species frequencies.


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1.6MB 23/09/2011


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PDS Mulga Lands - Bollon South West Queensland, - Demonstrating recovery of pasture productivity.
01/03/2008 30/06/2011

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