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Enhancing adoption of improved grazing and fire management practices in northern Australia

Guidelines were identified and evaluated for four management practices in six regions across the grazing lands of northern Australia: managing stocking rate; use of fire; pasture spelling or resting; and development of infrastructure. The six regions were the Victoria River District, Burdekin woodlands, Fitzroy woodlands, Mitchell grasslands of western Queensland, Mitchell grasslands of the Barkly region, and the Maranoa-Balonne woodlands. For each region, a series of two workshops was completed. 

The output from the first workshop in each region was collated information on current and best practices (the latter informed by a separate project (B.NBP.0579) that reviewed the relevant evidence base) as well as documentation of a representative property on which to undertake simulations and economic analyses for that region. The second workshop for each region discussed and evaluated modelled information on the biophysical and economic impacts of implementing current and best management practices (identified at the first workshop in each region) on the representative property. 

To adequately simulate the biophysical impacts of variations in practice (eg, varying degrees of stocking rate flexibility; frequency and duration of wet season spelling), algorithms within the GRASP model were significantly enhanced with respect to pasture condition and its relationship to utilisation rates, tree basal area changes over time, and annual stocking rate flexibility in relation to available pasture.  In addition, the ENTERPRISE model was modified to handle multiple paddocks and mobs and to permit reallocation of grazing pressure across paddocks associated with the spelling of other paddocks.


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Enhancing adoption of improved grazing and fire management practices in northern Australia: Bio-economic analysis of best bet management options
01/02/2009 12/10/2010

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