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PDS to test and demonstrate establishment techniques and quantify productivity on commercial scale Leucaena in QLD

With the mutual consent of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the co-operators of "Namgooyah", Lauchie and Carlie Ward, this project was terminated at the completion of Milestone 4. As at the completion of Milestone 4, there were little to no established plants present in the plots and in the reasonable opinion of MLA and DAF it was anticipated that the project would be unable to meet the objectives by 20 December 2015.

This early termination was agreed upon due to significant challenges with plant germination and establishment, primarily attributed to adverse seasonal conditions over the several years of the project.

This project was commenced in summer of 2012.

The Mackenzie River CQ BEEF Group identified that nutrient rundown in pastures is impacting productivity, and believe integrating Leucaena into the pasture system is a long term solution. However, they question the traditional paradigms of Leucaena production and proposed to investigate, through practical demonstration of a range of establishment techniques, the impacts on the resulting productivity from Leucaena/pasture system.

This PDS project aimed to demonstrate and investigate, on-farm, the impacts, both physical and economic, of land preparation and planting techniques (row spacing and configuration [single versus twin], and seeding rate) on the productivity of dry land Leucaena in a Buffel grass pasture.

The co-operators, the Ward's of "Namgooyah", Dingo, aimed to plant 40ha of Leucaena (twin row, with 12m spacing) in the summer of 2012/13, and this PDS project aimed to piggy-back on this venture. As a result of being approached by the group to host this project, the Ward's volunteered to plant a further two by 20ha of Leucaena at 6m and 18m row spacing.

The project aimed to monitor and analyse soil, plant and animal nutrient effects and economic outcomes. Due to the fact that weaners, first introduced into the Leucaena in the first year of this project, would not have been turned off until a few months prior to the end of the project, it was intended to apply for a follow-on PDS project after this one to be able to fully evaluate the economics of each of the row spacing's.

The project was terminated before any of the aimed demonstration and investigation took place. Although the original intent of the project did not eventuate, there are some significant learnings, documented in the Discussion section of this report.


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
PDS to test and demonstrate establishment techniques and quantify productivity on commercial scale Leucaena in QLD
01/04/2013 16/06/2015
Rejuvenating established leucaena pastures in Western Darling Downs through targeted fertiliser application
20/11/2014 16/04/2019

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