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National livestock export industry - sheep, cattle and goat transport performance report 2013

​The objective of this project was to summarise the performance of the livestock export industry in terms of mortality levels of sheep, cattle and goats exported by sea and air from Australia during 2013.

Industry stakeholders, government, animal welfare groups and the general public have a keen interest in monitoring performance in different sectors of the livestock export trade.  This summary report provides the only comprehensive breakdown by ship, species, time of year, load ports and major destinations over the calendar year.

The overall mortality rate for sheep during sea transport to all destinations during 2013 was a record low 0.68% (13,204 mortalities in 1.94 million sheep exported).  This was significantly lower than the 0.81% mortality rate for 2012.  The main port of loading was Fremantle, which exported 1.69 million sheep with a mortality rate of 0.53% (8,965 mortalities), followed by Portland exporting 0.20 million sheep with a mortality rate of 0.47% (914 mortalities) and Adelaide which exported 0.06 million sheep with a mortality rate of 5.79% (3,325 mortalities).

The overall mortality rate for cattle exported from Australia in 2013 was 0.11% (888 mortalities in 0.84 million cattle exported).  This was equal to the mortality rate observed in 2012.  The overall mortality rate on voyages to the Middle East/North Africa was 0.17% (205 mortalities in 0.12 million cattle exported), slightly up from the record low of 0.16% experienced in 2012.  The overall mortality rate on voyages to South-East Asia was 0.08% (478 mortalities in 0.59 million cattle exported), double that which was observed in 2012.  The highest overall mortality rate on a regional basis was 0.18% for exports to the newly examined region of South-East Europe (80 mortalities in 0.04 million cattle exported), while the lowest overall mortality rate was 0.00% for the one voyage representing Miscellaneous Destinations.

The overall mortality rate among the 1,776 goats exported by sea from Australia in 2013 was 0.06% (1 mortality).  All goats exported by sea during 2013 went to South-East Asia.


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Live Export Shipboard Mortality Report – 2013 & 2014
30/09/2013 30/06/2015

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