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Breedcow and Dynama software redevelopment

This Breedcow and Dynama software redevelopment project allowed continued use of the herd modelling and beef economic software package. It was identified as a key component of industry skills training and relied upon its renewal to be compatible with new computer systems. The objectives of​ this project were to:

1. Reproduce the current suite of Breedcow Dynama programs as stand-alone software applications that run on the framework using Microsoft Visual Studio.

2. Rewrite the existing user manual to suit the format of the redeveloped suite of programs.

3. Include representative herd templates for northern Australia in the new Breedcow Dynama package.

The project has met or exceeded its targets including the key objective of maintaining the capacity to further develop the software as needs arise. The availability of the Microsoft Excel? version of the programs provides a useful link to the future for the suite of programs and allows development to occur as required. Software presentations included as an output of the original project were changed to training workshops after a clear message was received from a variety of users including government agencies and private companies.

The roadshow workshops focussed on herd modelling and beef economics and were undertaken at seven sites across northern Australia. The new version of the Breedcow and Dynama suite of programs provided the analysis framework for scenarios of interest to participants. For example, we explored what were viable options for northern beef producers if the live export market failed or was further reduced. The average rating for the presentation and conduct of the workshop was 6 out of 7, with participants providing useful feedback on workshop delivery and the features of the software.

The critical role of herd modelling and beef economics in the formation of soundly based plans and production choices being made by beef industry participants has not diminished. Neither has the capacity of the Breedcow and Dynama suite of programs to underpin such decisions with rigorous and conceptually sound processes.  Even so, there does appear to be a gap arising in the ability of industry to access suitable training in the skills that underpin effective and rigorous decision making. We believe it is critical that courses /workshops designed to train industry in the skills that underpin effective decision making remain a focus of RD&E funders and Government agencies.

The Breedcow and Dynama suite of programs are seen as a critical component of this process for north Australian beef producers. It is also essential that the software engineering capacity within the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland (DAFFQ) is maintained. This will allow the continuous improvement of the suite of programs as the need arise.


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Breedcow and Dynama software redevelopment
15/05/2011 03/06/2013

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