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Commercialisation Plan - 3D imaging for instant cattle measurements

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), the NSW Department of Primary Industry (NSWDPI) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have partnered to develop 3D Imaging livestock management tool ("3D Tool" or "Tool"), comprising of multiple cameras coupled with a smart software system.

This tool has been developed towards providing a remote objective estimate of live dimensions and body composition for animals primarily in feedlots, large cattle properties, live animal assessment for on-line auctions, sale yards and potentially processors with real time interactive livestock data to inform livestock management, product management and sales.

Preliminary proof-of-concept test results have demonstrated that the 3D Tool has greater accuracy and greater reliability than alternate methods, principally Expert Opinion and Ultrasound.

This preliminary commercialisation study was undertaken to determine market opportunities within key industry segments as well as gauge likely commercialisation pathways. This report summarises the results of this preliminary commercialisation study.


Title Size Date published
51.4KB 18/09/2015


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Commercialisation Plan - 3D Livestock Management
30/07/2014 25/11/2014

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