MLA Donor Company

The MLA Donor Company (MDC) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Meat & Livestock Australia.

The MDC facilitates voluntary investments in R&D innovations across the red meat supply chain.

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Benefits for industry

The MDC model injects valuable new investment into red meat industry R&D and commercialisation, with a number of resulting benefits:

  • Improved sustainability on- and off-farm
  • Reduced production costs along the entire value chain leading to a more competitive industry
  • Higher standards of occupational health and safety
  • New value-added products that facilitate access to new international markets and increased export earnings
  • Enhanced supply chain collaboration
  • Increased innovation capability

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Examples of MDC investment

Partners in R&D

The Australian Government matches voluntary partner contributions (up to 50%) through the MDC, where eligible projects deliver outcomes that address broader industry and/or government priorities and benefit the entire industry.

The partner may, or may not, be a provider to the project i.e. carry out the work.

MDC partners have included breed societies, pastoral companies, processors, value-adders, pharmaceuticals, state departments and technology providers, including some international collaboration.

The model complements levy investment through voluntary contributions and supports some of the more commercial aspects of R&D, benefiting the whole supply chain.


Project approvals are based on assessment of the following key criteria:

  • Eligibility for matching R&D funds
  • alignment with government and industry priorities
  • benefit to industry
  • technical feasibility
  • market and commercial risk
  • quality of application
  • capability of research team/partner
  • adoption and commercialisation pathway

MDC Board

The MDC Board is made up of 10 directors, with the current incumbents being:

Dr Christine Pitt is the Chief Executive Officer
Clare Stanwix is the Company Secretary

MDC Strategic Business Plan

MDC's Strategic Business Plan 2016-20 provides a broad overview of the direction that MDC investments are anticipated to take over the next four years, aimed at accelerating and extending the achievement of the Meat & Livestock Australia Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020. The plan also outlines areas of MDC investment for the 2016-17 financial year.

This MDC Strategic Business Plan will be prepared each financial year to progressively show annual MDC investments over the 2016-20 plan period.

View the MDC Strategic Business Plan 2016-20, 2016-17 Investments

MDC Annual Report

MDC’s Annual Report 2015-16 provides details on MDC’s activities and financial position for the 2015-16 financial year.

View MDC’s Annual Report 2015-16

This list contains the completed MDC contracts for 2015-16 with links through to the summaries and final report in the MLA final reports database: MLA Donor company final reports 2015-16


More information

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