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What we do

MLA’s regional consultation process empowers grassfed beef and sheepmeat producers to directly influence the on-farm research, development and adoption areas their levies are invested in.

MLA has established this framework to ensure national and regionally-relevant research, development and adoption priorities are identified to deliver optimum value back to grassfed beef and sheepmeat businesses and the red meat industry.

The process empowers grassfed beef and sheepmeat producers to directly influence the on-farm research, development and adoption activities their levies are invested in.

The framework is based around a regional consultation structure that comprises three regional Research Councils: North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC), Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC) and Western Australia Livestock Research Council (WALRC). Each of the councils have a sub-structure of regional committees ensuring broad representation of the interests of northern, southern and western grassfed cattle, sheep and lamb levy payers.

The Red Meat Panel provides strategic oversight of the process, and includes representatives from each of the Research Councils, as well as the peak industry councils Cattle Council of Australia and Sheep Producers Australia.

Priorities identified by grass-roots producers through the regional committees and industry forums are consolidated by NABRC, SALRC and WALRC. MLA uses these priorities to form Terms of Reference (ToR) for the project call. The project call seeks submission of proposals for research, development and adoption projects that are aligned with the ToR for funding consideration. These proposals can come from individuals, organisations and project teams.

Preliminary proposals received are assessed by panels of regional producers that recommend to MLA which proposals should be invited to submit a full proposal. Full proposals are then reviewed by an independent technical Expert Panel, chaired by internationally-renowned livestock researcher Professor Phil Hynd. The Expert Panel recommends to the Red Meat Panel the proposals with the highest technical quality and highest impact for industry.

Since its inception the process has guided the investment of grassfed beef and sheepmeat levies resulting in more than $50M of research, development and adoption projects. Over the course of the five years, the project call process has seen more than 600 submitted preliminary proposals from 83 different applicant organisations resulting in almost 70 contracted projects set to advance industry.

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