Your voting rights

All MLA members automatically receive ONE vote for any MLA ballots.

You can increase your voting entitlements, based on levies paid, by submitting a Levies Notice to MLA each year. Voting entitlements are calculated on a sliding scale based on levies paid to MLA

Levies scale

Levies paidVotes

$ Nil - $28,417

One vote for each $1 paid

$28,418 - $85,249

28,417 votes plus 0.75 votes for each $1 paid in excess of $28,417

$85,250 or more

71,041 votes plus 0.5 votes for each $1 paid in excess of $85,249

Note: Levies paid to LiveCorp or the Australian Meat Processor Corporation are not included for the purpose of calculating voting entitlements.

If you have any questions about your voting entitlements, contact MLA on 1800 675 717