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Goat producers

MLA delivers a range of workshops, tools and other resources for goat producers to equip them with the latest best-practice knowledge gathered from research that can be applied to improve their businesses.

Here’s a snapshot of what else is on offer to goat producers:

Workshops and programs

Give goats a go: Online resources and tools developed with goat producers, for goat producers to provide best practice information and address commonly asked questions.

EDGEnetwork workshops: One to three day workshops offering practical learning opportunities on business, breeding, nutrition and grazing management skills.

Profitable Grazing Systems: Profitable Grazing Systems takes small groups of like-minded producers – who want to improve their whole-farm performance – and matches them with coaches who share their knowledge, skills and experience.

Producer Demonstration SitesThe Producer Demonstration Sites program allows producers to implement proven research and technologies in their own commercial operations with a group of like-minded peers.


  • Sheep Productivity & Profitability webinars: A series of webinars designed to assist Sheep, Cattle and Goat producers to increase the productivity and profitability of their businesses.
  • Goat webinars: A series of webinars about the Australian goatmeat industry have been delivered to help boost productivity in the sector.
  • Going into Goats: A series of best practice that answer commonly asked questions about goat production.

Business profitability and sustainability:



  • Paraboss: ParaBoss is coordinated on a not-for-profit basis that unites and manages WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss.
  • Going into Goats: The Give Goats a Go guide explains the essential processes for successful goat production.