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MeatUp Forum | Dubbo March 2022


MLA Welcome and update

Micheal Crowley - PDF Slides

Setting the scene

Running a resilient red meat business in today’s environment

Catherine Marriott

Recovering from drought and lifting ewe numbers via confinement feeding

Jack Brennan - (PDF Slides)

Sheep updates

Scoring and scanning – what are you missing out on?

Elise Bowen - (PDF Slides)

Incorporating technology into on farm practices for improved efficiency and production

Nathan Simpson - (PDF Slides)

Putting precision into lambing

Tim Leeming - (PDF Slides)

Beef updates

Building Better Breeders

Alastair Rayner - (PDF Slides)

Improving productivity with genetics panel

Tim Bowman


Feedbase updates

The productivity of sub-tropical pasture systems

Bob Freebairn - (PDF Slides)

Pasture recovery post drought

Richard Avendano

Dual purpose cropping - decision making and profitability

Ed Blackburn - (PDF Slides)

Carbon updates

Carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30) and opportunities for red meat producers

Margaret Jewell