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Leading Sheep MeatUp Forum | Longreach March 2022


MLA Welcome and update

Micheal Crowley - PDF Slides

AWI wool industry update

Emily King - PDF Slides

Refocusing Rangeland Production

Running a resilient red meat business in today’s environment

Gordon Refshauge - PDF Slides

Combining subjective and objective measurements to make informed decisions when investing in genetics

Emma McCrabb - PDF Slides

Managing sheep feed intake and nutrition requirements from joining through to weaning

Rob Inglis - PDF Slides

Maiden does may be the weak link to greater weaning rates

Gordon Refshauge - PDF Slides

Better your business

Goat and sheep market trends, risks and opportunities

Emma Fessey - PDF Slides

Business management - what are quantitative and qualitative costs to be aware when investing infrastructure

John Francis - PDF Slides

Recruitment and retention in Western QLD

Anna Cochrane - PDF Slides

Diversification into agritourism

David Counsell - PDF Slides

Innovation and R&D

MLA Goat benchmarking report review

John Francis - PDF Slides

Equivalency of kangaroos, sheep, goats and cattle: what they eat, how much and implications for grazing management in a multi species system

Lester Pahl - PDF Slides