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MeatUp Forum Naracoorte | 2022


MLA Welcome and update

Sarah Strachan - PDF Slides

Sheep and beef genetics

Learn what new traits are available for ram buyers and breeders

Emma McCrabb - PDF Slide

How to shop for the best sire to accelerate your beef business

Hamish Chandler - PDF Slides

Red meat supply chain and product quality

Objective measurement informing feedback to improve productivity

Richard Apps - PDF Slides

Red meat eating quality – what can be done on farm to manage and reduce the incidence of dark cutting beef

Peter McGilchrist - PDF Slides

Market outlook

The Australian red meat market: risks and opportunities

Matt Dalgleish - PDF Slides

Feedbase updates

Turning grass to dollars

Tim Prance - PDF Slides

Production systems

Does your system need a wolf

John Francis - PDF Slides

Carbon Update

MLA Carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30) project update

Maragret Jewell - PDF Slides