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Australia's sheepmeat exports face trade barriers upon entry into a number of countries.

This border protection commonly takes the form of tariffs and/or tariff rate quotas. A tariff is a duty (or tax) levied on goods transported from one customs area to another. A tariff rate quota is a quantity limit on imports below which a reduced or in-quota tariff is charged on imports. Where imports exceed the tariff rate quota the level of imports above the limit are charged a higher or above-quota tariff.

Tariffs and quotas applicable (selected markets) to Australian sheepmeat in 2020 are as follows:


2020 applied tariff / quota
(where applicable)


Canada 0% -
China 5% Under ChAFTA base rate tariff of 15% eliminated by 1 January 2023
European Union 19,186 tonne (carcase weight) quota
In quota tariff: 0%
Over quota tariff: 12.8% + 90.2 -311.8 €/100 kg
A-EU FTA negotiations in progress
Gulf Co-operation Council 0% chilled
5% frozen
GCC includes: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong 0% Under Hong Kong-Australia FTA base tariff bound at 0%
India 30% RCEP negotiations concluded in 2019 but India not yet a signatory
Indonesia 0% Under AANZFTA base tariff of 5% eliminated
Japan 0% Under JAEPA base tariffs bound at 0%
Korea 6.7% Under KAFTA 22.5% base tariff eliminated by 1 January 2023
Malaysia 0% Under AANZFTA & MAFTA tariffs bound at 0%
Mexico 6.5% Under CPTPP 10% base tariff eliminated by 1 January 2025
New Zealand 0% Under CER base tariffs bound at 0%
Papua New Guinea 0% -
Peru 0% Under CPTPP 9% base tariff eliminated
Russia 15% -
Singapore 0% Under SAFTA base tariffs bound at 0%
South Africa 40% or 2 RAND/kg, whichever is higher -
Taiwan 15% or NT$11.3/kg, whichever is higher -
Thailand 0% Under TAFTA 32% tariff eliminated
USA 0% Under AUSFTA US0.7c/kg tariff on lamb and US2.8c/kg tariff on mutton eliminated

Note: as tariff rates and quotas can alter, reference should also be made to DFAT’s FTA Portal as well as the tariff schedules available from the relevant authority in the country of interest.

AANZFTA: ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area
A-EUFTA: Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement
AUSFTA: Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement
CER: Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations
CPTPP: Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership
ChAFTA: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
KAFTA: Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement
MAFTA: Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement
RCEP: Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
SAFTA: Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement
TAFTA: Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement