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Business development

MLA’s South Asia and Indonesia teams have built a strong network of local industry participants through regular interaction and engagement. MLA continues to maintain these relationships, ensuring a detailed understanding of the market situation, trends and the Australian supply chain.

This involves regular meetings with local industry to build strong relationships and to collect and disseminate market information and knowledge about the supply chain, as well as conducting seminars, forums and delegations to educate trade about the Australian supply chain, market trends and global demand drivers and reinforce Australia’s superior integrity systems.

The team meets regularly with key retailers to determine industry trends and priorities and provides technical advice and educational activities to improve the presentation and quality of meat at the retail level.

Foodservice facilities benefit from the technical support that our team of butchers and chefs supply to improve the skills and knowledge of chefs and assist in new menu idea development.

Australian exporters are also kept informed of options of access and outlets, as well as receiving support to maintain the penetration of sheepmeat markets through identifying new business opportunities and building on the loyalties of existing importers.


Market Access

MLA Indonesia maintains a very strong relationship with Indonesian government and industry stakeholders by having regular meetings and contact with them. By doing so, they work to seek favourable market access conditions for all beef cuts and beef offal, optimise opportunities for boxed beef and ensure Australian industry is kept informed of any trade access issues or changes if they are to occur.

Throughout South Asia, improvements to market access conditions and the removal of trade impediments for Australian beef & sheepmeat are also continually sought, through building and maintaining strong relationships with in-market industry and government agencies.

MLA’s in-country resources are vital in providing an early warning of threats so that potentially restrictive trade measures can be minimised.  This is supported by programs aimed at creating awareness and educating targeted Government officials and relevant associations about Australia’s industry quality and Halal systems.