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Promoting the Industry

The Australian community is becoming more interested in how Australian red meat is produced. However, many Australians living in major cities have little direct knowledge of what happens on farms.

To address this, MLA has developed the Good Meat program which aims to:

  • support cattle and sheep industries to maintain and build community trust in their integrity and ethics
  • help prevent consumers reducing their beef and lamb consumption for perceived environment,  animal welfare or health reasons
  • work with producers to tell the story of red meat and highlight the bond between producers, their animals and the land.

Good Meat

Good Meat is a platform for engaging with the community, developed by MLA on behalf of the red meat and livestock industry.

The program engages with the public to demonstrate the long-term commitment of Australia’s cattle and sheep producers in advancing sustainable practices – from an environmental, animal welfare, social and economic perspective.

Through a transparent approach, Good Meat informs consumers about the great work of Australian red meat producers and the high quality product they produce. Good Meat also provides a platform for producers to share their story and demonstrate their commitment to best practice and continual improvement.

Ultimately, Good Meat is about showing how Australian red meat is produced sustainably, in high welfare systems and is an important part of a healthy balanced diet.

In addition to driving engagement through the Good Meat website and social media pages, the Good Meat team facilitate a range of advocacy workshops, virtual reality sessions, school visits and other events throughout the year.

In 2019:

  • 61 producers attended advocacy workshops
  • more than 40,000 participants took part in the beef and lamb VR 360 experience, a digital immersion that takes viewers on the paddock to plate journey of Australian red meat
  • more than 9,000 students across 150 schools joined our ‘Virtual Classrooms’ where students engage with beef and lamb farmers live on video stream, learning about sustainable farming practices, red meat nutrition and how their food is produced.
  • Good Meat attended seven gourmet food events to share the story of Australian red meat with ‘curious consumers’.

MLA’s advocacy program

Advocacy is an opportunity for beef, lamb and goat producers and stakeholders to represent the red meat industry through positive and effective community engagement.

It is important for the industry to provide trusted, authentic and targeted information about red meat production to consumers who are becoming more interested in how their food is produced.

Producer advocates sharing ‘the story of red meat’ creates an authentic dialogue where producers debunk many of the ‘untruths’ that surround the red meat livestock industry.

Producer advocacy may involve:

  • social media engagement
  • media interviews
  • presentations at relevant industry or community events
  • involvement in MLA’s community engagement program via schools or other events.

Becoming an effective advocate

MLA’s advocacy workshops are intended for progressive producers who are interested in learning more about MLA’s role in promoting the Australian red meat industry, and proactively engaging with the community in a positive manner.

These workshops also help build a cohort of passionate, positive and proactive producers who are willing to promote and advocate for their industry.

Workshops cover a range of topics designed to develop learnings and skills in the following areas:

  • how to be an effective advocate for your industry
  • how to identify and tell your story as a producer
  • crisis and issues management
  • media training – media dos / don’ts
  • how MLA promotes red meat in the domestic market
  • market insights
  • MLA’s community programs and events

To register your interest

To register your interest in participating in any future advocacy workshops, please contact:

C: Fiona Young  


To attend, you need to be:

  • involved in the red meat sector
  • interested in developing your communication skills – you don’t have to be an expert communicator; you only need to have a willingness to learn and develop your skills
  • positive, proactive, respectful and non-confrontational in your approach to community sentiment around social licence to ensure effective communication with the wider community.