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Promoting the Industry

The Australian community is becoming more interested in how Australian red meat is produced. However, many Australians living in major cities have little direct knowledge of how Australian beef, lamb and goat is produced.

This is why proactive promotion of our Australian red meat and livestock industry is more important than ever.

MLA’s industry leadership and capacity building program equips industry representatives with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be effective communicators, positive contributors and successful leaders.

Our objective is to promote a collaborative, united livestock sector by providing opportunities for red meat producers and industry stakeholders to represent the red meat industry through positive and effective community engagement to build awareness and provide an understanding and appreciation of the Australian red meat and livestock industry within the Australian community. Resulting in maintaining community trust through shared values.

Industry advocates sharing ‘the story of red meat’ creates an authentic dialogue where we can debunk many of the ‘untruths’ that surround the red meat livestock industry.

MLA’s advocacy involvement may include:

  • social media engagement for industry issues or promotion of MLA programs 
  • media interviews
  • presentations at relevant industry or community events
  • involvement in MLA’s community engagement program via schools or other events.

Becoming an effective advocate

MLA recently introduced the Livestock Leaders initiative, hosted in collaboration with The Livestock Collective. Livestock Leaders is a professional development workshop aimed at building capacity of those currently working in the red meat supply chain to be future leaders, influencers and advocates of the Australian red meat industry.

These workshops help to build a cohort of passionate, positive and proactive leaders who are willing to promote and advocate for their industry.

Workshops cover a range of topics designed to develop learnings, skills and key messages specific to the red meat industry in the following areas:

  • Case study of advocacy success  
  • Values based communication 
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • How to engage and speak to the media including interview techniques
  • How to create your own content and use simple techniques and technology 
  • How to build your brand on social media. 
  • How to have difficult conversations – from the dinner table to social media.  

To register your interest

Apply to be a Livestock Leader, register your interest here