Using NLIS to manage livestock

How can I see what livestock are on my property?

If you are a producer and want to see what livestock are on your property, run the View devices on my property report.

Agents, processors and saleyards may check what livestock are on their properties using the 'View my current holdings' report.

How can I see what livestock I have bought, sold and moved?

To see what livestock you have bought, sold and moved onto or off your property, run the Livestock movement reports.

How do I notify NLIS of an animal that has died on my property?

You can notify the NLIS Database of animals that have died on your property through the Livestock that have died on property function.

What information can I see about my livestock?

Although the main role of the NLIS is to record livestock movements between properties, information about your livestock and/or property can also be recorded on the Database using statuses.

There are two types of NLIS statuses:

  • PIC statuses (these can be applied to properties by the State/Territory NLIS authorities and other regulators)
  • Device statuses (these can be applied to individually identified livestock (i.e. animals tagged with RFID devices)).

For a full list of PIC and device statuses, see our PIC and device statuses Tech Tip.

For more information about assigning device statuses to your livestock, see the Device status Tech Tip. For more information about finding out which livestock on your PIC have a device status assigned to them, see the Livestock on PIC with a device status Tech Tip.

How can I remove devices from my PIC?

When you are unsure of a device's whereabouts and need to remove it from your PIC, you can assign the 'Inactive' (IA) status to this device.

Please note that any device you have not yet used should remain 'active' on the Database. Any such device should not be assigned the 'Inactive' status while it is awaiting use.

One of my animals is missing. Can I report this animal as lost?

Yes. 'Lost' is one of the many statuses that can be applied to devices. Please refer to this Tech Tip for specific information.

I've applied for EU accreditation for my property, how do I do a PIC reconciliation?

See the PIC reconciliation Tech Tip for more information about PIC reconciliations.

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