LPA common questions and misconceptions

The changes are just administration. I don’t need to do anything.

As an LPA accredited producer you must understand and fulfil the obligations of all LPA requirements from 1 October 2017. These include biosecurity and animal welfare on-farm practices. You need to complete and implement a Farm Biosecurity Plan and keep your completed copy on farm. You also need to have a copy of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines on hand, and understand and meet these requirements on your farm.  

If I don’t meet the new requirements, will I be able to sell my livestock?

The LPA program is a voluntary on-farm assurance program that underpins the integrity of Australian red meat and livestock production.

If producers choose to not be LPA accredited, they will potentially limit where they can sell livestock, particularly with processors who export red meat globally. Non-LPA producers also do not have access to LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVD). Non-LPA producers may still be able to sell their livestock through saleyards, on AuctionsPlus or direct to domestic processors however it may be at a reduced price.

Each time livestock are bought, sold or moved off a property, the livestock consignment must be accompanied by a form of movement documentation. Usually this is a combined LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD), but other forms such as state/territory based waybills or travelling stock statements may also be used. Different states have different requirements which you can determine by calling your relevant state department.

If you want to possibly receive full competition on your livestock, you should supply a fully completed and correct LPA NVD.

To allow time for producers to become familiar with the strengthened LPA program, and ensure they are fully compliant with the new requirements, LPA audits will not include the new biosecurity and animal welfare requirements until 1 January 2018. Sanctions in relation to biosecurity and animal welfare will not be imposed until 1 July 2018.  During this period, we will continue to drive awareness of the new requirements and encourage producers to complete the online learning modules.

Do I need to send my biosecurity plan to LPA?

No please keep your biosecurity plan on farm with your other farm records and make it available should you be selected for a LPA random audit.

I just sell a couple of animals per year, I don't need to do anything.

All LPA-accredited producers, no matter how large or small, must comply with all requirements of the program. From the moment you buy an animal, you have the responsibility to ensure the food they produce is safe, ethical, traceable and meets customer expectations. As a producer of food, you must know all requirements. Even if you own just one cow, sheep or goat, it's your responsibility to deliver safe product into the food chain, ensure biosecurity measures are in place and abide by the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle, sheep or goats (as applicable).

I just sell a couple of animals a year. I don't need to pay the accreditation fee.

To gain or renew LPA accreditation, all producers need to pay the three-yearly fee of $60 plus GST.

Do I need to renew my accreditation immediately?

You do not need to renew your accreditation immediately. You will receive written notification via email or post from LPA two months before your reaccreditation is due. However, you can log into the LPA Service Centre and work through the online LPA Learning course and assessment any time from now on should you wish.

I must buy new National Vendor Declaration (NVD) books.

Current NVDs including 04/2013 for cattle and sheep, 05/2017 for goats and 04/12 for bobby calves remain valid. NVD books can continue to be purchased at a cost of $40 a book (including GST). You might also like to try the new eNVD which is a free electronic version of the current NVD.

For a full list of frequently asked questions regarding LPA changes click here

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