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Apply for MLA sponsorship of your event

The MLA sponsorship program provides financial and in-kind support for eligible red meat industry events. The objectives of the program are to foster the prosperity of the Australian red meat and livestock industry by:

  • engaging and communicating with MLA’s industry stakeholders across the supply chain
  • increasing awareness and adoption of MLA's research and development outcomes
  • promotion of MLA/ISC information and resources
  • providing information to MLA's industry stakeholders to make more informed decisions
  • increase awareness and adoption of the red meat integrity system programs
  • building awareness and trust in the red meat industry.

The following is taken into consideration when MLA reviews sponsorship funding allocation:

  • Event must be organised by an Australian entity with an ABN
  • Organiser is responsible for the organisation and payment of the event costs
  • Event is aligned with the achievement of the MLA 2025 strategic plan and Key Performance Indicators as set out within the 2025 Strategic Plan
  • Applications to be submitted at least 2 months prior to event start date
  • The number of attendees, in particular, red meat producers
  • Opportunity for MLA to engage with stakeholders
  • Opportunity to improve awareness and adoption of MLA’s research and development programs
  • Opportunity to boost awareness of MLA’s market information and marketing programs
  • Event organiser entity and format of the event
  • Willing to collaborate with MLA to deliver measurable results
  • Other sponsors of the event / registration fee / if the event is profit-oriented.

Applications for MLA event sponsorship maybe submitted for events that will be held by 30 June 2025.  

Before applying for sponsorship, please read the MLA industry event sponsorship guidelines and updated MLA legal terms.

Apply for MLA Sponsorship