New course to gain the Business EDGE

17 February 2016

Grazing enterprises typically require a significant investment of both labour and capital; however, it is not always clear where this is best spent, particularly in multi enterprise operations.

A new round of Business EDGE workshops will shed light on this issue by helping particpants assess the different enterprises within their businesses and make more informed decisions regarding the allocation of labour and capital.

During the two day course, participants will:

  • determine whether the business is capable of funding the needs and aspirations of the family or families involved with the business
  • prepare and understand key financial information relating to the business
  • assess and manage agricultural business risk
  • understand and manage enterprise performance using key profit drivers
  • consider the pros and cons of running multiple enterprises.

The majority of the content is not species specific and is applicable to all grazing businesses.

The workshops will be held across Queensland from February to June 2016 with similar courses to be piloted in southern states and dates announced soon.

Further information

Ian McLean P: 0401 118 191 or Joanne Herley P: 0427 118 699


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