Pain relief production extension

19 July 2018

Producers can now use the animal pain relief product Tri-Solfen® to improve animal welfare outcomes during dehorning and disbudding procedures in cattle.

Applied as a gel and available from rural resellers, Tri-Solfen® was originally registered for relief for sheep post-mulesing. In 2016 it was then registered for use in cattle at castration.

The RSPCA released a statement saying it welcomed the news.

"When painful procedures are necessary on farm, pain relief should always be provided, so the news of further uses for Tri-Solfen® means more options are now widely available for farmers," the statement said.

The RSPCA said the availability and use of pain relief products such as the topical anaesthetic Tri-Solfen®, the Meloxicam Buccalgesic® and the Metacam injectable, particularly when used in combination, is crucial for maintaining good animal welfare on farm. With more options now available, there’s simply no reason for not providing pain relief for animals when undertaking painful procedures.

"Producers only perform these procedures when absolutely necessary and they are looking to continually improve animal welfare outcomes," MLA Program Manager - Health, Welfare and Biosecurity Dr Johann Schröder said.

“The application of Tri-Solfen® for these procedures is another successful outcome from an industry being proactive about improving animal welfare management at all levels.”

Tri-Solfen® is a pain relieving and wound healing formulation that has short term and long term analgesia, antiseptics, reduces blood loss and coats the wound. It costs between about a $1 and $1.50 to treat each animal. It is described as best suited to calves aged six to eight weeks and is designed to provide pain relief for 24 to 36 hours. 

MLA was involved in the development of Tri-Solfen® with the funding of lamb tissue residue depletion trials necessary for meeting approvals requirements and consumer safety.

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