Pastoral zone back in sights

04 January 2016

While the principles and procedures that underpin MLA’s More Beef from Pastures program translate to most production systems, application in the pastoral zone has not always been clear. That situation has now changed, with an increase in MLA investment into customised southern pastoral zone resources including the recently released MBfP pastoral producer’s manual and a new joint initiative of MLA and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), called Pastoral Profit.

MBfP pastoral producer’s manual

The MBfP pastoral producer’s manual was developed through extensive consultation with producers and researchers and focuses on the unique production issues encountered by pastoral producers, in particular managing the feed base, natural resource management and maximising weaner throughput.

The pastoral producer’s manual is available online and includes comprehensive information, ranging from business planning through to marketing, to help pastoralists maximise productivity and profitability in their particular pastoral environment.

Pastoral Profit

To further support pastoralists, MLA and AWI have partnered in the Pastoral Profit program. This program targets the business management skills of pastoral beef, sheepmeat and wool producers, to again support improved productivity and profitability. Pastoral Profit advocates Andrew and Megan Miller, from Jundah QLD, said “We are excited to be involved with Pastoral Profit because we believe it will be a great resource that we can use to improve our business as a whole.”

Pene Keynes, the Pastoral Profit National Coordinator, said “Meat and Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation want to address some of the barriers to profitability in the pastoral zone, including the reduction in service delivery and to provide opportunities for training to create a cohort of producers with robust skills in business management to support informed decision making.”

“A lot of the producers I have been talking to are keen to refine their business management skills. They see the application of new or just improved skills to be within their reach, and the program will offer significant gains for the pastoral industry,” said Pene.

Each pastoral state (SA, WA, NSW and QLD) has a local coordinator who is the key contact for producers. The coordinators are consulting with producers to develop on-ground, telephone seminar and webinar activities to meet each region’s business management needs.

Pastoral Profit launched with two webinars, including “The foundations of a sustainable livestock business” and “How to fund your business for the future”. Recordings of these webinars can be viewed online.

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