Putting Australian beef on the table more often

22 March 2018

MLA has launched a fresh round of beef marketing activities under its domestic beef marketing platform Australian Beef: the Greatest’ focusing on promoting the convenience and versatility of Australian beef – particularly as a mid-week meal option. Here we get an insight into the campaign with MLA's Domestic Market Manager Graeme Yardy.

1. Tell us about the latest evolution in the beef campaign - what's it all about?

The latest campaign from 'Australian Beef: the Greatest' aims to demonstrate that not only is Aussie beef the highest quality and provides an exceptional eating experience, but that it’s perfect for weekday meals that require quick and easy solutions.

From our consumer insight work, we know that beef tends to be a “go-to” meal when people want something a little bit special, or to impress friends. But we want to showcase that beef is an excellent choice as the basis for a meal that needs to be on the table in a hurry with a whole lot less fuss.

Dishes like a stir fry, Mexican bowls and Asian salads are all great ways to deliver tasty, easy weekday dinners with beef. To prove that you don’t need to compromise taste when you need convenience, we’ve partnered with former MasterChef contestant Andy Allen to create five simple delicious recipes that can be ready in 20 minutes with only five ingredients. Simple!

2. What are the key messages in selling Australian beef to domestic consumers today?

Our central message to domestic consumers is that Australian beef is the greatest meat on earth, and it’s worth paying the difference for. Beef is a versatile choice for your weekday meal when you need something quick, easy and tasty to be on the table with minimum fuss.

3. We don't see beef ads on television as much any more. Can you explain what platforms are used in a modern campaign and why?

TV is still an important media channel for building brands and its audio/visual experience creates a great platform for telling the story of 'Australian Beef: the Greatest'.

However, we know that people are shifting their habits and consuming more video ‘on the go’ through smartphones and devices, as well as looking for tips and recipe inspiration through social media and online news.

The great news is we’re able to better target the audience that we know are able to be influenced to purchase beef. In addition, we’re increasing our investment in path-to- purchase channels, such as outdoor advertising and shopping centre ad panels.

This reminds shoppers to purchase beef for dinner tonight as they enter the retail outlet, whether it be supermarket or butcher. In essence, better targeting of our media investment helps us to generate a better return from the levies invested, and to track performance, between campaigns.

Check it out for yourself at australianbeef.com.au

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