The strategy behind ‘Australian beef – the greatest’

11 July 2017

Australian BeefAustralian beef is the greatest meat on earth. That’s the message of MLA’s new domestic beef marketing strategy which inspires consumers to reconnect with beef, ultimately giving them reasons to pay more for it.

The new strategy incorporates messages spanning versatility, nutrition, provenance, welfare, sustainability and eating quality.

The strategy has been developed based on insights centred on the consumer, highlighting their drivers and barriers to consumption, the challenges they face in meal selection and preparation, and their unmet needs that can be fulfilled by beef.

Underpinning the strategy is the need for the beef industry to find ways to continue generating value for consumers in the face of four key challenges:

  1. Consumer willingness to pay a premium for beef: Beef’s retail price has almost doubled over the last 15 years. 
  2. Changing population: Australia’s population mix continues to change. Despite Australia being the fifth largest consumer of beef in the world, high migration from Asian populations, who are pre-disposed to consuming chicken and pork, are diluting Australia’s overall per capita consumption.
  3. Changing lifestyles: Australians are leading increasingly busy lifestyles, and taking a greater interest in their health - with an emerging preference for quick and easy meals. 
  4. Proliferation of media: Australian consumers are being exposed to a growing number of influencers, presenting what is often contradictory information, particularly regarding red meat. These influencers are operating in a fragmented media environment, making it difficult for beef to control the narrative over the role of red meat in the diet. 

Since the launch of ‘You’re Better on Beef’ in 2014, the beef brand in the domestic market has benefitted from a consistent strategy. It was built on research showing that after price, Australian consumers rate nutrition as the second most influential driver of protein choice. The objective of ‘You’re Better on Beef’ was to give consumers ‘permission’ to eat more beef by removing barriers to consumption such as health concerns. The strategy has assisted with stabilising key brand metrics despite the challenges.

The new ‘Australian beef – the greatest’ strategy will evolve the messages of ‘You’re Better on Beef’ to ensure consumers feel proud to choose beef to feed their families.

The campaign will be launched nationally in July with advertising, media, retail and foodservice promotions.

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Andrew Howie

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