Where are the goats coming from and processed?

16 November 2017

The MLA and NSW DPI ‘Goat Industry Data Collation and Tracking’ project is quantifying and monitoring the number of goats each state supplies into the goatmeat supply chain.

The project is collating NLIS Ltd data to calculate the number of goats supplied from each state, which has been a significant gap in industry knowledge to date.

In the 2016-17 financial year, NSW producers supplied 68% of the goats processed nationally. In the same period, Queensland producers supplied 15% of the goats processed, and South Australian supplied 13% of the national kill.

NSW has consistently supplied the largest number of goats during the last five years, supplying over 65% of the goats processed each year since 2012-13. Over the same period, the proportion of goats supplied from Queensland and South Australia have been reasonably stable and similar to the proportions supplied in 2016-17.

Western Australia is a relatively small goat supplier and processor compared to the other states. In 2016-17, 3% to 4% of the national kill was sourced from Western Australian properties.

Victoria is the leading goat processing state, although it is heavily reliant on supply from NSW and Queensland. Over the past three years, Victorian producers have supplied less than 1% of the goats processed annually in Australia.

During 2016-17, NSW abattoirs processed less than 15% of the goats supplied from NSW. The majority of goats produced in NSW, about 58%, were processed in Victoria.

South Australian abattoirs processed 99% of the goats supplied from South Australian properties during 2016-17. NSW was also a major source of goats for the South Australian abattoirs.

In Queensland, more than 85% of the goats supplied from Queensland properties during 2016-17 were processed within the state. Queensland processors only sourced goats from Queensland and NSW.

This information allows the industry to quantify and track over time the supply of goats from different states. The next step in the project will be to quantify and report the number of goats supplied from each region.

To view a recent article on population and slaughter forecasts for 2017-18 click here.

For more information contact Trudie Atkinson at trudie.atkinson@dpi.nsw.gov.au

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