Gippsland weaner sales outperform last year

24 March 2016


There were approximately 2,000 cattle penned for the annual Heyfield dual agent Store Sale. Widespread rain fell across Gippsland throughout the night and into the morning which had an impact on crowd size. Buyer support was strong despite the rain with a large contingent of producers and agents from across Gippsland meeting competition from one feedlot.

Landmark’s offering at the Old Yards kicked off the sale and quality was very mixed with the majority of the yarding presented in lighter condition than last year. Rodwell’s portion of the sale was an improvement as a larger proportion of their run was carrying weight and condition with several pens being secured by processors for direct slaughter.

The opening results were disappointing with many plainer pens of well-bred calves selling below recent averages however competition improved with quality by the latter stages of the sale. Prices reached and in places exceeding par with recent East Gippsland store market results.

  • Weaner steers topped at $1,370/head for 19 Angus steers and averaged $835/head or 364¢/kg lwt
  • Yearling steers reached $1,460/head for 10 Angus steers
  • Feeder steers averaged $1,089/head or 333¢/kg lwt
  • The top of the weaner heifers made $1,120/head for 8 Angus heifers estimated to weigh 395kg, or 284¢/kg lwt
  • Weaner heifers averaged $764/head or 337¢/kg lwt
  • Yearling heifers reached $1,100/head for 13 Angus heifers estimated to weigh 380kg, or 290¢/kg lwt and were in slaughter ready condition
  • Feeder heifers averaged $1,001/head or 307¢/kg lwt.


There were approximately 2,900 calves penned for the annual Bairnsdale Associated Agents Autumn Weaner Sale and quality was very good throughout, with large runs of one mark breeders calves on offer. The condition of the calves was very good in most drafts with many pens in forward condition and some selected pens going direct to slaughter.

There was a large contingent of buyers present including graziers and agents mostly from across Victoria and one large feedlot whose bidding was fairly subdued. There was also some processor enquiry for suitable calves. The majority of the calves went to producers from across Gippsland with selected pens of heifers selling to strong competition to join breeding herds.

The market was significantly stronger than last year however, competition was not quite as strong as some recent Gippsland sales. Averages were in the order of $200 to $300/head dearer than last year’s sale with the odd pen exceeding these results. Many drafts through the sale had sample weights displayed with these only a representation of a percentage of the calves in the pen. The top of the weaner steers made $1,270/head for 19 Hereford steers estimated to weigh 372kg while last year’s market reached a top of $970/head for Angus steers weighed at 400kg.

  • Weaner steers averaged $996/head, or 353¢/kg lwt.
  • Yearling steers made to $1,290/head for 6 Angus steers estimated to weigh 465kg, or 277¢ and averaged $1,030/head, or 297¢/kg lwt.
  • The feeder steers averaged $982/head, or 321¢/kg lwt.
  • Weaner heifers averaged $808/head or 334¢/kg lwt and reached $1,145/head.
  • Yearling heifers made $930/head for 15 Angus heifers estimated to weigh 322kg, or 289¢ and averaged $850/head, or 291¢/kg lwt.
  • Feeder heifers averaged $897/head or 293c¢/kg lwt.

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