Tuesday daily cattle summary

16 February 2016

Throughput at Toowoomba almost doubled, to 1,561 head, with lines from the Oakey Show boosting the quality of overall young cattle. There were also some good heavy cows from western districts. Young cattle trended dearer, on the back of strong feeder and restocker demand, while grown steers were firm and cows eased, with one processor buying selectively.

  • Medium C2 feeder steers improved 4¢, averaging 330¢ and selling to 368¢/kg
  • The heavy lines to the same orders jumped 13¢, averaging 322¢/kg
  • Heavy C4 grown steers to slaughter were steady, selling from 281¢ to 300¢, to average 290¢/kg
  • Heavy D4 cows averaged 240¢, back 10¢/kg week-on-week

Consignments at TRLX Tamworth increased 49%, to 1,907 head, with a large supply of young cattle suitable to feeder and restocker orders. Quality continued to be mixed but all buyers were operating, albeit some feeders were buying at limited capacity.

  • Medium C2 yearling feeder steers improved 5¢, averaging 328¢/kg
  • Heavy weight lines to feed on jumped 10¢, averaging 323¢/kg
  • Medium C2 yearling feeder heifers eased 2¢, averaging 312¢ and selling from 288¢ to 323¢/kg
  • The few medium C2 grown steers to feeder orders jumped 28¢, averaging 319¢/kg
  • Heavy D4 cows eased 8¢, averaging 230¢/kg

Wagga yarded 3,885 head, back 21% week-on-week, with northern export processor and feeder buyers coming south to set market trends. All major buyers were present and active in what was a dearer market for all categories.

  • Medium C2 yearling feeder steers improved 4¢, averaging 325¢,  while the heavy lines jumped 8¢, averaging 324¢/kg
  • Medium C2 yearling feeder heifers increased 7¢, averaging 303¢ and selling to 310¢/kg
  • Medium C3 grown steers to feeder orders lifted 15¢, averaging 310¢, while lines to slaughter improved 5¢, averaging 289¢/kg
  • Heavy D4 cows averaged 241¢, up 6¢/kg week-on-week

At the close of Monday’s markets:

  • The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) finished at 596.75¢, up 2 ¢/kg cwt on where it finished the previous week
  • Trade steers increased 2¢, to 310¢/kg lwt
  • Medium steers improved 1¢, to 278¢/kg lwt
  • Heavy steers were steady, at 287¢/kg lwt
  • Medium cows improved 2¢, to average 225¢/kg lwt
  • Feeder steers jumped 3¢, to 323¢/kg lwt

For the full list of cattle market reports, please click here.

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