Tuesday daily sheep summary

18 August 2015

Lamb consignments at Bendigo increased 38%, to 9,895 head, with almost half the yarding consisting of new season lambs. Not all of the regular buyers operated, while processor demand for light weight lambs was strong. Restocker competition was limited.

Sheep throughput declined 22%, to 8,523 head, and the majority of the yarding consisted of recently shorn Merino and crossbred ewes.

  • New season trade weight 3 score lambs averaged 590¢/kg cwt
  • New season heavy weight 3 score lambs slipped 34¢ on 506¢/kg cwt
  • Old season light weight 2 score lambs were up 24¢ on 574¢/kg cwt
  • Trade weight 3 score lambs increased 13¢ on 578¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 3 score lambs lifted 28¢ on 571¢/kg cwt
  • Medium weight 2 score Merino ewes eased 2¢ and averaged 375¢/kg cwt

At Dubbo, the lamb offering increased 11% week-on-week, to 39,380 head, with some ffod runs of new season lambs on offer, along with a fair selection of heavy weight old season lambs. Merino lambs were well-supplied.

Sheep consignments were down 16%, to 6,100 head, and quality was plainer than the previous sale, with most grades selling to a cheaper trend.

  • New season trade weight 3 score lambs fell 51¢ and averaged 550¢/kg cwt
  • New season heavy weight 3 score lambs eased 4¢ on 588¢/kg cwt
  • Old season light weight 3 score Merino lambs were back 61¢ on 494¢/kg cwt
  • Trade weight 3 score lambs slipped 29¢ and averaged 573¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 4 score lambs declined 2¢ on 591¢/kg cwt
  • Extra heavy 4 score lambs were 11¢ dearer on 521¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 4 score Merino ewes were 45¢ lower an averaged 395¢/kg cwt

At the close of Monday’s markets:

  • The eastern states restocker lamb indicator increased 10¢ on 552¢/kg cwt
  • Merino lambs eased 7¢ on 522¢/kg cwt
  • Light lambs were up 1¢ on 543¢/kg cwt
  • Trade lambs declined 5¢ on 583¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight slipped 1¢ on 591¢/kg cwt
  • The mutton indicator finished 1¢ higher on 375¢/kg cwt

Note: All yardings and prices referenced are from MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) reported saleyards.

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