Tuesday daily sheep summary

22 September 2015

Lamb throughput at Dubbo declined 34% week-on-week, to 25,360 head, with a reasonable selection of new season lambs and old season heavy weights on offer. Merino lambs were well-supplied.

Sheep numbers lifted 16%, to 9,500 head, and it was a good quality yarding overall, with some excellent lines of well-finished ewes and wethers penned.

  • New season trade weight 3 score lambs fell 23¢ and averaged 509¢/kg cwt
  • New season heavy weight 3 score lambs were back 31¢ on 504¢/kg cwt
  • Old season light weight 2 score Merino lambs lifted 18¢ on 446¢/kg cwt
  • Old season trade weight 3 score Merino lambs decreased 32¢ on 435¢/kg cwt
  • Old season heavy weight 4 score lambs slipped 22¢ on 487¢/kg cwt
  • Old season extra heavy 4 score lambs were 30¢ dearer and averaged 542¢/kg cwt
  • Medium weight 4 score Merino ewes were 26¢ lower and averaged 350¢/kg cwt

Lamb consignments at Bendigo were down 2%, to 16,845 head, and quality was plainer overall, with an increased proportion of new season lambs lacking finish. Not all buyers operated at full capacity.

Sheep supply fell 20%, to 10,442 head, with most categories selling to a cheaper trend week-on-week.

  • New season light weight 2 score lambs to restockers decreased 55¢ on 538¢/kg cwt
  • New season trade weight 3 score lambs were back 23¢ on 516¢/kg cwt
  • New season heavy weight 3 score lambs slipped 9¢ on 525¢/kg cwt
  • New season extra heavy 4 score lambs were 45¢ lower and averaged 477¢/kg cwt
  • Medium weight 2 score Merino ewes fell 26¢ on 339¢/kg cwt

At the close of Monday’s markets:

  • The eastern states restocker lamb indicator was down 13¢ on 566¢/kg cwt
  • Merino lambs eased 4¢ on 451¢/kg cwt
  • Light lambs were up 3¢ on 499¢/kg cwt
  • Trade lambs slipped 4¢ on 518¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy lambs declined 4¢ on 510¢/kg cwt
  • The mutton indicator was back 6¢ on 350¢/kg cwt

Note: All yardings and prices referenced are from MLA reported saleyards.

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