Vic weekly sheep summary

06 August 2015


Lamb supply across the state dropped 16% week-on-week, to offer 15,781 head in total.

  • Numbers at Hamilton more than halved, to 781 head
  • Horsham penned 1,668 head, back 5%
  • Throughput at Bendigo eased by 9%, to 8,858 head
  • Ballarat offered 9% fewer lambs, at 4,474 head

Merino light weight young lambs to restockers reached 666¢ and averaged 664¢/kg cwt. Trade weight young lambs to slaughter were 4¢ easier, returning an average of 614¢/kg cwt.

Light 2 score old lambs to slaughter were 31¢ cheaper, on 517¢, while similar Merino lambs gained 27¢ to average 472¢/kg cwt.

Lighter trade weight 3 scores to slaughter reached 611¢ and averaged 578¢, back 10¢, while heavier trade weights returned 586¢, back 5¢/kg cwt.

3 score heavy weights to processors were 2¢ to 24¢ dearer and averaged between 576¢ and 611¢, while 4 scores gained 7¢ and averaged 611¢/kg cwt.


Mutton numbers were reduced by 26% week-on-week, to offer 14,762 head.

  • Horsham throughput declined by 45%, to 2,014 head
  • Supply at Bendigo increased by 12%, to 10,054 head
  • Hamilton offered 3,62 head, back 86%
  • Ballarat’s numbers halved, to 2,332 head

Light weight 2 score Merino ewes gained 8¢ to average 366¢/kg cwt. The 2 score medium weight Merino ewes returned 361¢, up 1¢, while 3 scores were 5¢ cheaper, on 372¢, and first cross 2 scores were 20¢ dearer, on 346¢/kg cwt.

Light weight 2 score Merino wethers reached 411¢ and averaged 376¢, while medium weights were 14¢ cheaper on 370¢/kg cwt.

Note: All yardings and prices referenced from MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) reported saleyards.

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