WA weekly cattle summary

09 July 2015

Pastoral cattle supplies increase

Relatively dry conditions continued across most of WA this week which is raising concerns in many quarters. The two major sales saw different supplies, with Muchea numbers nearly doubling on pastoral categories. Mt Barker supplies eased further in a mixed quality yarding. Pastoral heifer and cow supplies made up a significant portion of the Muchea sale. Quality remained mixed with pastoral drafts generally in good condition and good numbers of better bred lines available. Trade young cattle were very limited in number and mostly grain finished. Competition continued at strong levels with improved live export activity across all young categories with prices firm to dearer on both steer and heifer drafts. Cow and bull sales to processors remained firm, however direct-to-works supplies kept two major processors relatively inactive. Bulls suitable for the live export trade remained firm with both feeder and live exporters active.  

Prices remain strong

Prime trade cattle prices were firm to dearer with trade steers selling between 285¢ and 305¢ and trade heifers from 280¢ to 311¢/kg. Grown steer drafts made from 220¢ to 300¢ with pastoral drafts from 220¢ to 275¢/kg. Grown heifers sold between 160¢ and 270¢/kg, remaining close to firm.

Store steer prices were again very strong with local steers between 286¢ and 333¢/kg. Pastoral steers made 250¢ to 310¢ and were dearer again. Relatively small numbers of local heifers eased slightly on quality at both Muchea and the southern markets, with most sales between 260¢ and 399¢/kg. Increased supplies of mostly medium weight pastoral heifers at Muchea continued to sell at very strong prices, between 200¢ and 299¢/kg for the majority.

Cow prices were mixed with the lighter weight and conditioned drafts firm to marginally cheaper and heavy D3 and D4 cows and better medium weight cows lifting 4¢/kg. Light weight cow drafts sold from 120¢ to 181¢ with D2 drafts from 140¢ to 210¢/kg. Prime cows made from 170¢ to 234¢/kg. Bull prices to processors were close to firm with most between 180¢ and 215¢/kg. Better young and lighter weight bulls suitable for live export remained firm with most prices between 220¢ and 336¢/kg, equal to last week. 

Note: All yardings and prices referenced from MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) reported saleyards.

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