WA weekly sheep summary

23 July 2015


Coastal rain of up to 50mm was recorded across most of WA’s southern coastal regions, while inland, most falls were less than 25mm and the concern of early turnoff of stock and the probability of low new seasons lamb numbers and weight continues.

Direct-to-works deliveries of old lambs remain adequate for the major processor requirements at present. Scheduled maintenance shutdowns are continuing with most facilities recommencing processing at reduced throughput. 

Merino lambs dominated the numbers with most of these lighter weight, store conditioned drafts. Prime trade and heavy lamb numbers remain very limited with most trade weight drafts again secondary, tail end drafts. Most buyers were present this week but restricted competition for lamb due to scheduled maintenance and solid direct-to-works supplies continued.

  • Muchea and Katanning lamb numbers were back by close to 3,000 head, most again secondary and store drafts.

Prices for most lamb categories slipped by $2 to $5/head with prime lamb averaging close to 480¢ with the Merino and store conditioned drafts priced between 440¢ and 460¢/kg cwt.

Lighter lambs suitable for the processor, air freight markets and feeders were close to firm at $60 to $90/head.

Light and store lambs to restockers which included solid supplies of Merino’s, sold between $40and $70/head.

Trade lambs fell $3 and sold between $75 and $112/head to be close to 450¢/kg cwt.


Ewe mutton prices lifted slightly with the return of a major processor from maintenance. Feeder and live export competition remained similar on all store and wether drafts. 

  • Mutton prices to processors were firm to $5 dearer with the heavier 3 and 4 score ewes making $75 to $109/head to average close to 320¢/kg cwt.
  • Most 2 score processor ewes sold between $45 and $77 with light ewes from $30 to $50/head.
  • Restocker activity remained firm on suitable younger ewe drafts with prices between $49 to $90/head.
  • Wether prices remained strong with continuing live export and processor activity. Export weight wether drafts made $80 to $115/head.
  • Lighter conditioned wethers, mostly to restockers between $45 and $90/head. 
  • Ram lambs sold to $100 with live exporters and restockers paying $30 to $80/head on suitable drafts. Older drafts to processors made $10 to $50/head. 

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