Wednesday daily sheep summary

08 March 2017

At Forbes, lamb supplies lifted 23% this week to 27,850 head. Quality continued to be notably mixed, as with the exception of a few good lines of well finished lambs, the effects of the dry weather presented throughout most of the yarding. The usual buyers competed in a firm to slightly dearer market in places, with trade weights selling strongly.

Sheep consignments declined 28%, to 6,050 head. Quality continued to vary this week, with prices remaining mostly strong overall.

  • Light weight 2 score Old lambs to restockers slipped 21¢, to 601¢/kg cwt
  • Trade weight 4 score Old lambs to processors gained 4¢, to 618¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 4 score Old lambs to slaughter eased 4¢, to 612¢/kg cwt
  • Extra heavy weight 4 score Old lambs reached 644¢, averaging 617¢/kg cwt
  • Medium weight 3 score Merino ewes were back 26¢, averaging 399¢/kg cwt

Lamb numbers at CVLX Ballarat increased 18%, to 22,518 head. Quality ranged from average to very good this week, with the usual buyers operating in a cheaper market overall. Well finished trade and heavy sections were well supplied, with restocker and feeder buyers particularly active throughout the sale.

Mutton throughput decreased 23%, to 5,711 head. All weights and grades were on offer, with lighter weight Merino drafts in better supply compared to the previous sale.

  • Trade weight 3 score Old lambs to restockers made 624¢, up 11¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 3 score Old lambs to slaughter eased 4¢, averaging 608¢/kg cwt
  • Extra heavy weight 4 score Old lambs averaged 15¢ cheaper, at 608¢/kg cwt
  • Light weight 2 score Merino ewes were back 6¢, averaging 432¢/kg cwt

At the close of Tuesday’s markets:

  • The eastern states restocker lamb indicator averaged 665¢, declining 6¢/kg cwt from the previous day.
  • Merino lambs averaged 557¢/kg cwt, holding firm
  • Light lambs averaged 600¢, up 1¢/kg cwt
  • Trade lambs averaged 608¢, back 4¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy lambs held steady, at 611¢/kg cwt
  • The mutton indicator settled 9¢ cheaper, at 409¢/kg cwt

For the full list of sheep market reports, please click here. 

Note: All yardings and prices referenced are from MLA reported saleyards

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