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Healthy fertile soils

Healthy, fertile soils drive pasture productivity and deliver environmental benefits through improved water and nutrient use with less risk of surface run-off, erosion and deep drainage.

Pasture production is limited when key nutrients are either lacking or in oversupply (toxic levels).

Soil health and fertility can be broadly described as:

Optimising production and environmental outcomes requires an understanding of the role each type of fertility plays in pasture production and environmental health, and key management practices for maintaining and improving soil health and fertility.

The main soil processes and concepts to understand include the:

  • phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) cycles
  • importance of soil nutrient recycling
  • environmental impacts of soil and nutrient management

Know how to balance the essential nutrients that enhance or limit either pasture production or the ecological health of the grazing environment, and manage this balance to maximise productivity and environmental gains.

Available tools

Five easy steps phosphorus tool



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From the paddock

 Read about other producer and how they are improving soil health.

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